Belgaum flatters to deceive


belgaum saluteFrom The Hindu

Belgaum city, bordering Maharashtra, is the commercial hub and divisional headquarters of north Karnataka, ranking only second to Bangalore in terms of overall exports. The city has been projected as the second capital of the State. The government built the Suvarna Soudha on the outskirts in a stated move to ensure expeditious implementation of welfare schemes.

The tag of the second capital has, however, remained on paper. For instance, the delivery of services under the Sakala scheme shows that Belgaum is ranked 26th among the 30 districts in the State; one down from its rank in January 2013. Though the district ranked top in terms of awareness level (97 per cent) of the scheme, delivery of services has been abysmal.

Belgaum residents have reasons to feel disappointed and want the administration to reverse the downward trend.




  1. Let it growly and systematically. Pls dont make it another Bangalore, where there is a sudden growth with no basic amenities. Slow and steady always wins ! All the best Belgaum !!

  2. Agreed, and feel good about these facts. But are we using the full potential of Belgaum and trying to develop it more ??? is the Billion Dollar Question


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