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Why power goes off when there is rain and lightning

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rainOver head distribution line is a very complex network these lines are susceptible to discharged electrostatic charges during lightening breakdown, and hence, makes it vulnerable to power surge. A single lightening bolt carries in abundance millions of electron volts. Imagine that being channeled via distribution lines? That is enough to OVERFRY all your domestic electrical devices within an instant, including any human-being that interacts it. In other words, there will always be power outages during rainfall as long as overhead distribution line systems remain. Its not that v intentionally remove power as soon as it rains.

Its not only in Belgaum where ever over head lines are there its a common problem. In addition to rain the heavy wind is also a reason for the power outage. The wind causes the branches of tree to touch overhead lines and protective devices senses that and trips the line to avoids further extension of electricity through trees. Some times tree branches falls on line and causes faults untill the that fault is located and rectified. This work is done by physical patrolling which takes time that too when its raining. The field officers will have a horrible time and locating these faults is not so easy.

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