Belgaum in rediffs 36 cities that will shape India’s future

Photo of author today in an article mentions about the 36 cities that will shape India’s future and galore Belgaum is also there in it.

The Global Initiative for Restructuring Environment & Management (GIREM), in its bid to give shape to this grand concept of building future cities, has identified 36 prominent Tier-II cities in India which in recent times have been nudging for recognition with their inherent strengths but still display muted promise of becoming great modern cities. GIREM 36 focuses on a new strategy to develop smaller cities as magnets for allied investments in development of key areas of infrastructure, education, and research and industry.

For Belgaum they mentions
Why future city:

  • Is already an envy of many Karnataka cities having grabbed attention with its educational and trade background, with being one of the few smaller cities to get an air connectivity.

Ideal for business inΒ – education, STPI, heavy machine tools, automotive manufacturing, and tourism.

  • Stands second to Bengaluru in terms of overall exports in the state (mainly automotive industry).36rediff

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Other cities included in the 36 cities are Trivandrum, Kochi, Kozhikode, Mangalore, Mysore, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore and others. No mention of Hbuli-Dharwad or even Kolhapur.

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  1. Belgaum Exporting largest automotive parts second in state and lot of avionics and airframe part in near future but still the Govt of Karnataka issanctioning auto industry in Dharwad and Aerospace SEZ in Bangalore

  2. This article nor the article from rediff NEVER spoke of POPULATION ..So why people commenting here always make this 4 LACS figure, census etc points.. ? Doesn't make sense..

    Read it properly, understand it, and then comment..

    • You seem to have missed your mark this time for being 'here for correction'! The little screenshot from the rediff page mentions the population. and hence the comments from people regarding it.

      Now coming to your figure of 4 lacs, I find it straight out of the books(not the text book but the scrap book) of a pre-school kid. That said, given that you have tools to search the web, you probably would do better to do a little research ('properly'), then 'understand it' and then 'comment' what you came 'Here for correction'. Hope you got the point πŸ˜‰

      As far as the population figures are concerned, I greatly feel that its some consolidated figure of the whole Belgaum district..sounds big, but well, even the wiki and a few other places across the web with repute come close to that figure of 4.7-4.8 million. So guess 2011 census count has out-did our assumptions!!

      But yes I feel proud of the statistic that it is amongst those places that are counted as good forefront candidate in shaping India's future. Way to go!!

  3. amazing to know that belgaum is soaring in the sky.

    however even i find the population of 48 lakhs ridiculous; unlike the guy before me who said its 4 lakhs

    it was an observation a couple of us made about the population and were just wondering if the information was correct; none of us were idiots not to notice the progress belgaum is making.

    ohh and yes next time check your figures before posting any non sense yourself.

  4. Dear Editor,
    There were some important developments about to take place in Belgaum.
    1. Extension of exsisting Run way to facilitate the landing of Jet Aircrafts.
    2.Starting Flights to Bangalore and hyderabad.
    3.Starting of Spice jet services to and from Belgaum.
    Kindly let me know about the same.


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