Belgaum is peaceful: but not Belgaum issue

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Belgaum is peaceful: but not Belgaum issue

From the 16th January the Belgaum issue has taken a rebirth, till then it would just erupt on a couple of days in a year and all would be good and calm later on.

But this time, as I had mentioned in my previous posts this time it won’t be, the same is happening & I am not all happy with it, in fact no Belgaumite can be, be he Kannada or Marathi he will never have thought of this.

A KSRTC bus was yesterday burnt down in Maharashtra today 2 trucks with goods were burnt down in Tumkur as they had MH (Maharashtra) registration numbers.

In Bangalore, some Kannada activists burnt effigies of MES and Maharashtra politicians. In Kolhapur there were protests by cancelling the Corporation meeting.

Who is suffering, the locals. All buses are plying only in state, i.e Maharsahtra busses are going up to Maharashtra border only and Karnataka busses are only going up to Nippani.  All busses to Konkan have been cancelled as a precaution. The private bus operators might also follow this, which will cause huge inconvenience to the public at large.

All border lying areas like Bijapur, Solapur, belgaum, Kolhapur have been badly affected. A report stated that many are stuck up in Pandharpur after the buses were cancelled the same situation is everywhere in the border prone areas.

Thankfully, nothing is happening in Belgaum other than the heated debate in the assembly and a host of press conferences.

I urge and appeal to all, keep your calm; an issue of 52 years can’t be settled in a day and at least not by burning down. I would request all to maintain peace and harmony in the city and don’t believe on rumors as they spread like fire they can cause a lot of trouble.

In all it’s a tough time for all of us. As the busses are not going into Maharsahtra and their busses not coming in Karnataka, many would now take cars for travelling, but that too could be dangerous for a day or two till all settles down. I would request anyone with plans to go into Maharashtra or someone coming into Karnataka, be careful.

Lets pray to God, that all goes well from tomorrow & we get back to normal life. Life in the city is very normal, but the fact that you can’t be travelling can cause some hardships.

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  1. You know two similarities?

    There is one Pakistan who are initiating each n every trouble with India, n whole my country is suffering and there is one Maharashtra who burnt the Bus that Belongs to KSRTC but people of Karnataka are not cowards so they burnt two lorries + etc

    World knows who have initiated the terrorism and Indians are understanding who are initiating the border dispute between us. Pakistanis doing international terrorism and Marathi’s doing their own internal fight. I am a Belgaumite who loves peace irrespective of being Marathi or Kannadiga, please dont spoil my town.



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