Belgaum is second capital in crime


Recently Belgaum city has seen some incidents of loot and robbery and also other crimes have put Belgaum into second position after Bangalore in the crime rate in the state, this was mentioned in a Bangalore daily.

Yesterday two houses in Ramtirth nagar were robbed for over 50 Lakhs. Last week Gold shop Shantaram Lengade was robbed for over 75 lakhs and yesterday this loot.

The robbers broke into the houses when the housemates were not in town. The burglars made away with 3,500 US dollars, 2,900 Saudi riyals, Rs 28,000, four necklace sets, 28 rings, five gold chains and two diamond-coated necklaces from the house belonging to Ujwal Joshua Aralikatti. The family left for Saudi Arabia on September 15.

The second house broken was of Namdev Badiger who had been out of city. His house is situated about 20 feet away from Aralikattis’s house. 41 kgs silver, 99 grams gold ornaments and Rs 40,000 cash kept in the cupboard was looted.

The police after reaching the spot tried their best but had no clues at all. The sniffer dogs could not go far. Seeing the recent reports of robbery in the city the Police has stepped up night patrol, the authorities said. But the common man is not satisfied with this and is quite terrified with the rising number of robberies and also the fact that the police have not been able to catch the miscreants.

The blog contacted Ujwal Joshua in Saudi Arabia and this the reply I got –

Thank you for your story. Hope this will aware other people of the thefts happening around and we strongly hope that the cops will be able to find the culprits.
Ujwal Joshua

Ujwal Joshua is a long time follower of this blog.


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  1. @Ujwala, I understand that there were unique circumstances in which you had to keep so much of wealth without due protection.

    However, in that case, I don't see how the police could have helped. I think it is wrong to expect the police to prevent a crime like this, when they already have their hands full with more serious cases.

  2. I would like to inform you that below mentioned things were kept in house house locker.
    1) 4 sets of necklace each 40,24,18 X2 gm =100gm about Rs 135600.00
    2) 2 diamond necklace 15 and 12 gm =27 & 0.15×2 & 0.10X2 carat Rs 1034000.00
    & 0.10×4 Carat of diamond stone Rs 107500.00
    3) 5 chains 22,18,14X3 =68gm about Rs 95200.00
    4)26 gold rings between 2 and 6 grams about 100gm AS WE DON’T REMEMBER THE EXACT WEIGHT OF EVERY RING
    about Rs 135600.00
    5)2 diamond rings 10 and 8 gm =18gm+0.36 about Rs 96000.00& 0.28 Carat of diamond stone about 74600.00
    6)Indian Rs 28,000.00
    1000 X 19 = 19,000
    500 X 17 =8,500
    100 X 5 =500
    7) Saudi riyals 2,900.00
    500X 5 =2,500
    100 X 4 = 400
    8) US$ 3,500
    100 X 35 = 3,500.00
    9) Chivas Regal Whiskey purchased from duty free shop in Mumbai airport 1989 I DON’T REMEMBER THE COST
    10)Brightlite black rechargeable torch Rs 1400.00
    11) 14 Different perfume bottles Rs 8950.00
    12) 1.5 Kg of Melted Silver Rods About Rs 42000.00
    and many other thing of which we are unaware of currently.Remaining thing we will be able to tell
    once we personally inspect when we reach Belgaum.
    The total Value of Articles is About Rs 7,88,850.00 + Rs 28000.00 +US$ 3500.00 + SR 2900.00
    Ujwal Joshua J Aralikatti
    [email protected]

  3. Reply to the previous post dear brother we are very much aware of bank lockers and all this was to take home back(to saudi arabia)… but because of unwanted stricts and riots on the day of are journey to mumbai we were compelled to take such action and no time was left to even contact the bank and it was around 10:30 in night hours.. all these years this never happend…….

  4. 3,500 US dollars, 2,900 Saudi riyals, Rs 28,000, four necklace sets, 28 rings, five gold chains and two diamond-coated necklaces

    41 kgs silver, 99 grams gold ornaments and Rs 40,000 cash

    There is something know as bank lockers, keep so much of stuff is inviting for trouble.Escpecially when ur not in town.


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