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All About Belgaum Your Journey is Our 7 year Journey

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aab 7The time mark arrives again when we pause to count our blessings. Its been a SEVEN year journey of touching the various aspects of what makes us wish to continue our endeavor of bringing to the fore, the little things that make us showcase “All About Belgaum”.

Its been a process of learning, sharing and caring that has today enabled us become an integral part of the lives of about thousands of individuals who share our passion for this wonderful place.

As we move into our 8th year of operations or rather service to the citizens of Belgaum, we wish to thank all those who have made this journey possible, pleasurable and worthwhile.

We are proud of our little accomplishments but wish not to rest on our trivial laurels. We embark on another year of commitment with the wish and hope that we become more than just a showcase for the various issues that we highlight.
We wish to, in our own way, be an important tool of change through the presentation of the various issues that directly or indirectly affect all of us. We seek to be the source of inspiration through our presentations on various distinguished Belgaumites. We wish to be the source of unity and harmony as we acquaint people with various aspects of various cultures and religions that our wonderful city is blessed with. We wish to continue Our journey in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner. It is in making a difference that we seek to be different.

All About Belgaum- Your Journey is Our Journey.

Thanks for being on board.

3 thoughts on “All About Belgaum Your Journey is Our 7 year Journey”

  1. Hearty Congratulations, team AAB. “Belgaum” is indeed proud of you and definitely needs more of you in the years to come. All the best.

  2. Dear AAB Team, Hearty Congratulations!!!
    You guys are doing a great service to Belgaum and Belgaumites across the globe.
    This is a very good platform providing connect with the city.
    I thank you heartily for the services and with each passing day our expectations are increasing.
    I dont know whether it is right to give suggestions and over-expect features like
    a) All Belgaumites across the globe connected on a single social net-working platform (Maybe like Facebook). To start with maybe ABB can be the Admin on Facebook and start getting all the global Belgaunites on the network.
    b) Blogging space
    c) Chat Rooms
    d) e-mail services

    People can post messages seeking information on
    Education & Carreer
    Placement & Employment
    Matrimonial related
    Medical issues
    Sensitizing people on issues like female infotecide, literacy, population, water issues, basic rights, about voting and lot more.

    I know very well that its easy to talk and give free advice but to really implement & keep maintaining it seamlessly is a full time herculian task of a dedicated team, the main issue would be funds. I trust you guys have the potential, dedication, creativity and good connections. I think you guys can get some sponsorers, you can maybe charge a very nominal fee for yearly membership, paid advertisements etc. Maybe you can conduct a online survey to check if people are in conformance with the idea of yearly membership for the features you would provide

    I once again Heartily Congratulate you guys.
    Forget about the high expectations mentioned above some of them may seems hypotetical but remember the hope you have created in us expects you to keep the show running for ever.

    May the Almighty shower blessings upon you.

    Best Regards


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