Belgaum mein Meter Chalu Auto Bandh

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Auto- Protest2With the implementation of the Fare by meters by the district authorities the Auto Rickshaw owners have taken all the autos off the road and are on an indefinite strike we may call it as their demands were not met.

This morning the Police authorities starting with the checking of the meters and this provoked the auto drivers to go on a strike and stop all the autos plying on the road.

At about 9 am many autos were seen dropping the school children off but at the same time the police started to check the meters and in a hours time all the auto drivers gathered at the Sardars Ground and then protested at Chennamma circle where again they gave their set of demands which have to be met before the fare by meters is implemented. Their demands are the same put a ban on maxi cabs/tum tums from city limits, make good roads, revise auto fares regularly.

The district authorities however declined to adhere to the pressure and said that as this was a govt decision they had to abide to it. SP Chandragupta said that he has called for a meeting with the auto drivers tomorrow where they can explain all their problems.

As of now all Autos are off the road.


3 thoughts on “Belgaum mein Meter Chalu Auto Bandh”

  1. How greedy are they that they don’t want to implement the meter. Now is the time to cancel their permit and their license. Please DC sir and SP Sir doing a very good job for the cause of the people, please don’t give up and implement it.

  2. I am extremely sorry for people how are facing inconvenience due to Auto guys dadagiri, but again I have no mercy or would my heart never cry out for auto guys, be on strike loose your money earned illegally and dishonesty till date,
    You auto guys if have any humanity left, earn by meter you will run more full and honesty pays God bless your souls if it is alive…

  3. two days ago near my house at 3 AM my neighbor came from ramdev there the auto guy had agreed to drop him to shastri nagar for 70/- but later reaching and droping him,the auto driver demanded 100 and when the passenger did not agree and said the driver if you wanted you would have told me there only.and then the driver got angry and started giving bad words .. and started doing dadagiri. this is what they do without the meter on.therefore the implimentation of the meter is a stop all this . i request the dc sp and all the officer not to stop there good work of implementing the meter so that the drivers will treat the passengers nicely


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