Belgaum Normal – 6 in custody



The Tension and fear gripped areas in Belgaum on Thursday evening following communal violence after the death of a youth earlier in the day were quite normal with police deployment seen in Angol and other sensitive areas.


In a press meet held at the DC office District incharge minister and other elected Representatives also took part in the meet. ADGP has been called in from Bangalore who will investigate the entire matter and will inquire into similar events that occurred in the past 6 months.

The minister said that the Police have been given a free hand and they will get hold of the culprits soon. Police said that they have got hold of the CCTV footage and now are in the process of identifying the miscreants and 6 people have been taken into custody.

The death of Feroz Nazir Pathan is due to “personal matters” and not to confrontation between groups or communal violence, minister added. He appealed to all sections of society to ensure peace and communal harmony. He appealed against giving communal colour to the incident and claimed that the situation was under control.
Police have also identified 6 persons who might have been involved in stabbing Feroz.

Also 3 DSP have been called in from neighboring cities to ensure law and order is maintained.



  1. It’s been a common feature of the police to deal with extra/extreme force and brutality when it comes to peaceful demonstrations and protests, but when it comes to actual acts of arson and violence, they all become mute spectators until all the damage has been done. It’s really embarrassing that a bunch of hoodlums could hold the entire city of Belgaum to ransom at the cost of the common man….

  2. Where were the police when the stone pelting occurred ?The Police were mere spectators and watched the Hooligans throwing stone and destroying properties, yup i as a citizen have lost faith in the Police Dept.

  3. Catch the people who pleted stone, Round them from KLE hospital to Angol on their nicker (chadi) by walk, take a snap of them and paste it all around the road. This would be best punshiment rather then sendingthem to JAIL….

    • Right police went numb when stone peddling was going on. I think it is some how supported by them and their higher officials too. This is all politics man.

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