Belgaum ring road: Still a Dream

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Belgaum ring road planned in two phases.
1) Hindalga-Peeranwadi-Halga
2) Hindalga-Kakti-Halga

Total ring road length 38 kms.
Ring road breadth 100 feet
285 acres of land needed
Rs.1425 lakh for land acquisition
Ring road total expenditure Rs.30 crores

10 years ago, the plan for the ring road was prepared. Imagine, since ten years nothing has happened on ground; only papers have changed places and this road, which will be a boon to traffic, will remain a dream.

A jaipur-based company was allotted the contract for the project but it was cancelled and a new process for obtaining was commenced.

The BUDA chairman has attributed the cause for this delay to the elections. A state run enterprise is likely to do the said project this time.

May it be a state run enterprise or a private company, Belgaumites need that ring road as the movement of heavy vehicles will be diverted on to the new road giving the regular traffic some more space on the roads.

This road can avoid the enormous accidents that happen on the Udyambag road. In addition, vehicles going to Goa from Kolhapur etc can directly take the new road and avoid heavy traffic in city limits. It is the case with people from Goa to Kolhapur, if they divert from Peeranwadi they will join the NH 4 at Kakti. Towards Bangalore, you can join Halga on NH 4.

Pray to Lord that, this present govt will look into this and by the time they finish the full term we would be plying on the Ring Road.

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  1. hi Friends I am civil engineering Student doing final year project on Ring Road for belgaum city…… so please give me if any suggestions are their….


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