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Belgaum says we are with you Anna

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People gathered in huge numbers to show their solidarity and support towards Anna Hazare’s fast unto death and the fight against corruption.

People from all walks of life came in to show their support at Chennamma Circle this evening.

In Delhi we have a 103 year old grandpa who is fasting along with so many others. The country has been taken by storm by Anna’s call for fight for corruption. Almost all their demands have been met. But we will have to keep aflame this torch of fight for corruption.


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6 thoughts on “Belgaum says we are with you Anna”

  1. We are the cause of corruption in most cases. We must change ourselves too then the system will change. Getting a legislation done and then not following it makes no sense.

  2. Anna we are with & will be with you Yeh aaandolan ek saaf sutre Hindustan ka sapna hai .We face this virus of corruption right from the movement we land in India in the form of corrupt customs officials GO D SAVE INDIA lets strive to cleanse our system ans make India shining in reality

  3. Wow great, atleast some thing has been started, this is success in belgaum, but will this blood sucking govt. employees frigten or even care for this, thats the question, they already have dared for decades to do this business without investing. they know no anna nor uncle can stop them from taking bribes, but all should salute ANNAJI for taking this real issue out for saving india this is the only time we have.
    & the political system & politicains are the next—??.

  4. Very well said Vickram.. Giving bribe is a bigger crime then taking bribe. Each individual is responsible for stopping corruption. Jai Hind!

  5. Well done Anna Ji.
    Next step to this should be bringing back the black money stacked in SWISS bank which no politician or bueurocrats are willing to do.
    Lets strive to get it back its OUR MONEY


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