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Belgaum session will be historic

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The session in Belgaum will be a historic one providing constructive reformation to North Karnataka.

 The agenda mostly would be surrounding the problems and projects of North Karnataka though issues concerning the entire State would also will be discussed.

Arrangements for holding the Session were on at a brisk pace.

Tight security will be provided during the session. The State Government had released Rs 10.48 crore for the session. This included repairing roads and other infrastructure.

As already covered by the blog, the infrastructure improvements are on a brisk pace. The standard may not be good but to suffice for the moment it’s a boon to the city.

All those Highmast lamps installed last year which were never looked after are now being repaired, another good sign. Tough the street lights in many areas don’t glow in the night.

The work on the international stadium near Kanbargi has caught pace (Source: shoutbox on site) which is indeed a good thing.

The opposition congress is against this session, if it was the BJP in opposition it would have done the same thing so opposition is opposition.

But all those coming into Belgaum from 10th January till 24 January be very particular about your hotel booking and train booking you might not get it easily, especially hotel bookings.


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