Belgaum getting a face lift: roads, pavements

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Thanks to the proposed Belgaum session of the legislature the roads of Belgaum are getting a makeup done. I am on purpose saying makeup, as its only make up on the old roads. But whatever it might be its good for all of us.

In the picture: The Sanchayni Circle road being re-laid. Congress Road is also being done and some other roads leading to JNMC have already been completed.

Himast Street lamimg 2959ps like those in many circles of Belgaum will be installed in more than 25 places now. Pit holes have been made at many places, I have seen them in Sanhcayni Circle & Gogte Circle, so we could now see them illuminated which was needed.

The part of college road from IDBI bank towards bogarves, the left most area of the road a new pavement of concrete has been laid.

To welcome this all the Ad Board on the Nucleus mall is back in running and is now showing both social service and private ads. The dividers at Bogarves circle are also being replaced by new ones. Still many things have been done throughout the city but its all main roads. The internal roads have been neglected and the whole machinery is now engaged is last minute makeup of roads etc.

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