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Belgaum Tahshildar’s office in trouble

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Jnanpith awardee UR Ananthamurthy, revenue minister V Srinivas Prasad, medical education minister Sharana Prakash Patil and social activist SR Hiremath are agriculturists. Higher education minister RV Deshpande is a Dalit and Upa Lokayukta Justice Subhas Adi and top civil service officials Latha Krishna Rau, Gangaram Baderia, KSR Charan Reddy are jobless.

All these manipulated caste and income certificates were issued at the Belgaum tahsildar’s office. This was disclosed by BJP leader K S Eshwarappa, while exposing the operations of touts securing bogus caste, income and profession certificates in the Assembly during zero hour.

House leader SR Patil said if the allegations are found to be true, action will be initiated against the erring staff.

2 thoughts on “Belgaum Tahshildar’s office in trouble”

  1. It is commendable that such news are getting reported . Unfortunately , the whole system is corrupt. To break this nexus , quarterly audit of all Govt Depts by Independent professionals , whose selection should be by draw OR atleast 100 citizens should endorse the auditor for the job . Today we have anti corruption dept which again is controlled by the ruling party . This monopoly needs to be broken , if we want to see good governance and efficient India . Not only those who have signed the Certificates , but the beneficiaries and the people who managed this should be severely punished and their names should be published . How can Govt employees work for few individuals when their Salary is paid out of Taxes collected from every citizen . Such employees should be dismissed immediately and their pension benefits should be cancelled . I donot know who can take such bold decisions and implement

  2. I have many things to prove the corrupt officials. plz let me know how can I help in this. have lodged a complaint in Lokayukta, no progress!,,


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