Belgaum to get Mayor on March 4


The Belgaum city corporation will at last get a Mayor and a Dy.Mayor on March 4 2008. The Satte govt released a notification in this regard.


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  1. Card usage is increasing and the Rs. 2 lakh threshold will increasingly be overcome even in small cities. Fighting this inevitability will do nobody any good.

    The more worrisome trend is this. A Big Bazaar comes to Belgaum and captures spending rupees from buyers in towns like Belgaum. So say, on a Saturday or Sunday evening the spending desire on utility items of a Belgaumite is on average Rs. 2500 then these big stores will capture say Rs. 2,000 since they have almost everything under the Sun and then on top they have discounts that lure even more shoppers. This same Rs. 2,500 was going to be spent, in the absence of the big store, over say 5 stores. Now only Rs. 500 will be left to be spent at the typical smaller stores mentioned in your story. This is killing the small merchant in the long run.

    Now coming to the fees, what is illegal is illegal and the small merchant must be reported for breaking the law when charging above the MRP. However, as good citizens of this country we purchasers in smaller cities have a moral obligation to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive in the form of the small but seemingly inefficient merchant. Why not hold a meeting with a industry group that represents the interests of small merchants, and then help them make a representation to the RBI, local MLAs, MPs, and other such interested parties about the fee structure charged to small merchants and the need for a differential pricing scheme (commission of 1% instead of 2%) from the banks as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (Big banks should get CSR points or a tax break for the 1% commission reduction toward small merchants). The merchants also need to be educated on the benefits of charging (swiping) by their customers – Less cash handling, less credit risk, and electronic monitoring of customer behavior pattern which in turn can help them compete better with their bigger brethren.

    • There is no cricket stadium to go with .one is under construction at Kanbargi for over two years now

  2. Best of luck for the team of kranti veer sangolli rayanna . Belgaum becomes devlok during ganpati festival. No other place is devlok

  3. Master Rohan Kokane is a very hard working and deserving boy. He has achieved success because of his hard work. He is the most deserving Belgaumite as he has brought laurels to Belgaum. His success has been globally acclaimed. He truly deserves to be the Belgaumite of the Year… I request all belgauites to vote for him and encourage him so that he can grow up to be skating champion.

  4. rohan kokane we r proud of u thank for bring the name of belgaum for the international level

  5. my vote to atish jadhav because he is mentally challenged person
    firstly very thankful to his coaches.
    i am manjunth s h
    from hunashikatti

  6. i had seen the suvarna souda from inside and out side also it was amazing and iam also studying civil engg. so i got more information from this site

  7. Karnataka Govt has acquired 100 Acres of Agriculture land from farmers for Suvarna Soudha at a price of 15 Lacs per acre. The price per acre of land before this project was 2-3 Lacs per acre. Because of this everyone has increased their value of property. The prices have reached upto 50 to 75 Lacs per acre near Suvarna Soudha. Farmers are thinking to sell their land and purchase land in villages nearby. More than 500 acres of agriculture land will be converted into Industrial and residential area after August 2012. Is Suvarna Soudha a BOON or CURSE to Belgaum City ?

    • Curse, unnecessary our taxes our going in building it, all beacuse of the fight again politicians will get rich, they put this fight not to forget.

  8. Hi all,

    i spent the best years of my life in Belgaum, studying Engineering in Gogte GIT Engg. in 1982-86. Contemplating migrating from Mumbai to Belgaum after 25 years. Could you please suggest names of some good ( Girls & Co-ed) English schools – SSC and CBSE, ICSE, etc. for the kids.


    • Kle international, dnyan prabhodan, love dale, kls, poddar international will start in june2012. And there is phoenix as well to name a few with cbse

  9. Santosh,
    It gives immens pleasure to note your accomplishments at such a young age.

    We are a great FAN of your father Bandu Kaka, we have seen him play table so passionately any small or big gatherings….My father (Dixit Mama) also accompanied him in various gatherings….He is a TRUE HERO of Table for us as we have only heard and read about Zakhir Hussian and Allarakha……but we we used to cherish yor fathers programs a LOT.

    We are proud to see you following his footsteps……All the BEST WISHES to you and please give our regards and Diwali Wishes to your family…

    Vinay Dixit
    son of Dixit Mama.
    Moscow Russia

    • You are referring to a person Bandu Kaka, could you please name him, I do not remember his name but is he the same person whose last name is Kulkarni?

  10. I agree with most of you…I have lived in all over the world, but I see some people especially from the metros such as Bangalore, Mumbai, think as if, they are in a super ultra modern cities of the world, However, in reality, they wouldn't have gone beyond these cities. some people rasie certain questions, to which, you to think, whether to laugh at it or to cry….they dont even know, where all our cities come…the geography…
    One fellow says, belgauam is a very very hot place, the reason, he says for that is…as it falls under north karnataka…poor fellow does not even know the maining of Malnad region, falls in the western ghats etc and records as one of the maximum rain during the rainy season…

    i think they are confined to one point of view and the worst part is, they dont want to explore and dont want to liesten to those who would have explored… pitty

    anyway, from Belgaum city point of view, this is one of the best cities, that i have ever seen in my life and this is one of favorite city in the world

    Belgaum Rocks, a beautiful, cosmopolitan, green city

  11. Can anyone help me with information on 2 wheeler rentals in Belgaum. We would be visiting Belgaum around 22nd Oct 2011 for 4 days and would need to motorcycles.

  12. Belgaum is a very nice city to live. I spent 18 years in Belgaum and feel very nostalgic about this place. The camp area in Belgaum still has the colonial charm.

  13. idhu ondu adbhuthawaadanthaha doordarshitvavulla yojaneyaagidhe. Idu bahu begane saakargollali yembude nanna aashayavaagide. Beledhiruva beleyuththiruva namma Belagaavi mahanagarad ella upanagaragalige saarige soukaryada vyavasthe kood eeginindale yojanaabadhdhavaagi munnedeyali endu haaraisuve.

  14. Belgaum is place wherein Mahatma Gandhiji visited during 1924 and delivered speech in Congress Adhiveshan.They reiterated that the Belgaum as part of Karnataka.Go to History of rulers, who ruled during 5 th century i.e.., Badami Pulikeshi who rued not only Karnataka who were instumental to hold ruling power on the southern states aswell as Northern Statestoo. Bellgaum has given its own contribution to our State aswell as to our Country.During 1924,a poem written by Huilgol Narayana rao i.e.., UDAYAWAGALI NAMMA CHELUVA KANNADA NADU This poem WAS SUNG BY GANGU BAI HAANAGAL. The great Rani Chennamma of Kittur the first women who fought against Britishers is from Belgaum. .riginal Name of Belgaum was Venu Grama pure Kannada word Somesh.Chikkamath Bangalore. BENGALURU

    • I belong to Kittur but "unfortunately" now in Bangalore. For us Belgaum & Dharwad are equally home towns. But i feel we belong to Belgavi little more than Dharwad, not just becaus Kittur belongs to Belgaum head-quarters, its some thing more. When i hear "Belgaum" all that rules my mind is the entire area from Dharwad to Belgaum. But surprizingly, "states and languages" never came into my thoughts. We have an Indian map stick inside office lab,
      When ever i pass by, i see Belgaum and imagine Kittur near by that, get thrilled, smile and think pitty on all of my coleagues talking about every corner of world but never giving a mere look on Indian map.

  15. I also share a similar experience, but this time from Bangalore. I work for an MNC in Belgaum, with its HQ in B'lore. When we go to our B'lore office and meet people over ther, I get bewildered by their questions about NK in general and Belgaum.!!

    Questions like "Where is Belgaum?" do not irk me much, coz people might not have travelled, and they may not know. Fine, I give them the locations w.r.t Goa, Kolhapur, Dharwad, NH4, Google maps sometimes etc.

    But you kno the heights?, we face questions like "How do you manage in Belgaum, do you have any internet connection there?", "How may hours in a day do you get electricity?", "When foriegn customers come there, wht do you offer them to eat, are there any restaurants?"!!

    Ha ha.. I just answer them meekly without reacting much, coz "Gadhva pudhe geeta… kahi upyog nahi".. But I really pity ther wilfull ignorance and their "Kupamanduka" attitude.. No matter how big a well is, finally its a well.!! If you are born, grow, live and die in a Big big well called B'lore / Mumbai etc, without exploring, or atleast having the courtesy and openness to explore your own soil and surroundings, life is a waste, no meaning to such a life..

    I am fortunate to be here in Belgaon. Whether its Macche or Manhattan, we know that we guys rock..

    • Dear Maratha
      I am kannadiga and I salute for your opinion on belgaum , and also the relation between Kannada & Marathi, we still can be the example of shivaji & mallama, which shows unity, & that is what Bharathiya, proud to be indian

      • definetely what u said is right, be an indian. do your job or bussiness well n be happy. never go with politics or news papers. normal marathi n kannada peoples are really happy together. Mainly newspapers will disturb peoples mind. it is their bussiness n that is their politics (to get the chair in carporation )

    • Well said Maratha…but these problems really don't create problems people like us, but it is for common people who is facing crisis for identity and force to do something which they are not comfortable…In Maharashtra we have Kannada medium school everywhere in Pune , Mumbai and border area then why cant Marathi people from other side have same luxury.
      Its not because of language but the way hatred is spread by the Government against particular language people.
      Though some of you have a bad experience while staying in Mumbai…but definitely there are people who will be knowing more about belgaon and its struggle for saunkta maharashtra more than any one else. You cant form your opinion on one or two incidences.. Shivaji Maharaja great hote…pan aata kiti Kanadi lokana tyanchya vishayi aadar aahe ???

      • what u say about sollapur. nothing problem is there because kannada peoples are co operating with marathi
        why not the same in belagavi. it is in karnataka but it belongs to all the peoples who lives here nothing else

  16. Super like to Belgaumite..!! You reflect my thoughts. I think people are dragging this issue beyond the point of nationhood. They fail to acknowledge that we are Indians first. I ask my fellow Maratha lads: "Do you know the story between Shivaji and Belavadi Mallamma?", and all I get is a blank look (i need to inform you that it was mallamma and not chennamma, coz chennamma's time was a 100 yrs after shivaji). Shivaji punished his bro-in-law for fighting and capturing a woman (Mallamma), and said he had brought disgrace to the name of Shivaji. His eyes were removed.!! Also, Shivaji sent Mallamma back to her Palace (Belavadi near Dharwad) with full respect (Oti bharun), he also accepted her as his sister. Later once there was threat to child Sambhaji's (Shivaji's Veer Son) life from some mughal chieftains. He had to be rescued and kept in hiding. He was taken to Mallamma's place, and stayed there for a few days safely.

    This is the relation between Kannad and Marathi. The two states created now are just for admin convinience. And they were non existent before 50-60 yrs. But our languages, our culture and our relations have existed here since 1000s of yrs. I think we Belgaumites are very fortunate to be a symbol of real "Bharatiyas". We should be proud of that, instead of fighting amongst us for language..!!


  18. Kudos to the Central GOI. Finally i hope the border issue is going to be settled and should be given a decent burial for ever. I am serving as Professor in Mysore University and after retirement I would like to come back to my city of birth and die there only. I have already bought a site at RT Nagar, but was hesitant to construct my dream and final house, mainly because of this border problem. Now, I think I should go ahead……….. wish ME ALL THE BEST!

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