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BelgaumBlog: 2008 Reloaded: Rewind 2008 news of Belgaum

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2008 has gone past with just a few days to go. We have to now welcome 2009.

Here is what all happened on this blog in the year gone by.

I also request readers to comment on this page with their favorite story of the year with its corresponding story number. For e.g. I liked Story number 6. Vits hotel

Just comment with 6. Vits hotel and any reason if you want to.


1.       Shivteerth: A great place to rediscover history

2.      Kapileshwar Road Now Over Bridge: RTO Crcile Kolhapur cross Road Wide

3.      Six-year-old Aniket Chindak eyes 100-car limbo-skate world record

4.      Khanapur girl Now DHL New Zealand Head

5.      Ek se Do Bhale Do se Teen Bhale: Belgaum Constituency RECONSTRUCTED

6.      VITS Hotel: 4 star hotel in Belgaum opens on 10th jan

7.      RPD cross to have Belgaum’s second multiplex

8.      Mayor reservation to be announced today: Belgaum Chorla road remaking: New road for Nartaki Theatre

9.      Is there Space for so many ?



10.   Lokayukta Raids P G Wandkar: booty upto to 12 crores

11.    Another Boam Hoax: St.Marys This time

12.   Road Humps for WHAT?

13.   How the news is given by national Media

14.   Belgaum – A ‘sleeping cell’ for terrorists

15.   Is Belgaum Real estate in Real Boom?

16.   Mrashtra’s Belgaum bid futile: Centre

17.   Belgaum gets NOTHING



18.   Stars of Belgaum: Atul Kulkarni

19.   Belgaum gets its second Kannada-speaking Mayor

20.  Belgaum getting ready to be FIT

21.   Belgaum getting many Traffic Signals:Khanapur Road widened

22.  MORE: sort of MORE & not so MORE

23.  Admission time: Is raat ki Subh Kabhi

24.  Electoral Rolls of Delimited Assembly Constituencies of Belgaum published: belgaum north,belgaum south & belgaum rural

25.  Belgaum north:Belgaum South Assembly Constituency Map



26.  PIL against Suvarna Soudha being built in Vaccine Depot:

27.  Admission tensions are boiling over!

28.  Air Deccan stops Belgaum Mumbai Flights:Mumbai Hubli Also stopped

29.  Beggars cannot be choosers:LKG admissions

30.  Private Buses will have no pick up points

31.   Lokayukta raids Belgaum RTO

32.  Belgaum’s Aniket Chindak makes Limbo Skating record:81 cars this time

33.  Ye nahi Woh Sahi:Magar Kursi Chaiye



34.  Linguistic divide takes a backseat in Belgaum

35.  Debate over: Belgaum chooses its state: CNN IBN Poll


37.  Traffic signals await inauguration

38.  UniverCell in Belgaum

39.  High Court dismisses petition for Building of SUVARNA VIDHANA SOUDHA at Vaccine depot

40. Belgaum foundry cluster all set to open



41.   Terror suspect planned to attack Belgaum city: police

42.  Revamp of Belgaum airport by 2008

43.  Prabhakar B. Kore BJP Rajsabhya Candidate

44. Belgaum ring road: Still a Dream

45.  Love Dale Principal Geeta Bhute passes away

46. Big Companies eye on Belgaum Real Estate

47.  Belgaum 76th place in Deposits & Credit base

48. Bomb hoax in KLE college: calm after the storm

49. Unknown facts about Belgaum History

50.  Different names of Belgaum

51.   Social Justice Forum opposes Suvarna Vidhana Soudha on green belt

52.  Did you know this?Basvan Galli Jain Temple



53.  No takers for Desur IT park

54.  Vaccine Depot SAVED! Government to look for alternative site for Suvarna Vidhana Soudha

55.  Komalanna Doddannavar Passes away

56.  Karnataka Budget 2008-09 What Belgaum Gets

57.  Where do you want the Vidhan Soudha? Poll

58.   Your had 25000+ hits

59.  Alipaak it happens only in Belgaum

60. POWER & SPEED create big holes in pockets

61.   Sardars High School first English school in Belgaum district

62.  Shahpur was a commercial center in 1550

63.  Farmers accuse MLA of trying to grab land

64. Rajesh Shinde swims across the English Channel

65.  St.Pauls Wins for 22nd time: Royston Memorial Football



66. Where do you want the Vidhan Soudha in Belgaum: Poll Results

67.  SIMI activist arrested in Belgaum:ON TERROR MAP

68. Reliance Fresh: one @ Khanapur Road & second @ Hotel Hanuman

69. A BIG THANK YOU from

70.  Belgaumblog in The Hindu

71.   Did you Know This? India’s first Olympic marathon runner is from Belgaum

72.  RPD the Most Happening Corner: Parking dilemma

73.  Khanapur Road, Civil Hospital Road hot cakes: Belgaum real Estate update

74.  Khadim’s Footwear store on Kirloskar Road, Belgaum

75.  Stars of Belgaum: Narendra Madhusudhan Murkumbi: MD Shree Renuka Sugars

76.  Rohan Kokane of Belgaum makes a record in skating

77.  Belgaum city map of 1894

78.  New AD board driving attention: Can cause accidents

79.  Perception needs to be changed: Bussinessline says Belgaum is in Maharashtra

80. Aniket Chindak nominated for the Pogo Amazing Kids Award

81.   Belgaum Suvarna Soudha at Halga:Suspense over

82.  Give your old taste buds a new ZAIKA: A new multi cuisine restaurant

83.  Water Prices increase by a whopping 42%



84. D B Naik(CEO ZP, Belgaum) raided by Lokayukta

85.  Shobhan Bantwal: Stars of Belgaum

86. Belgaum Ganesh Darshan 2008

87.  What if, Nano had to be built in Belgaum?

88. Renaming Belgaum challenged

89. D.B. Naik ZP CEO arrested by Lokayukta

90. Belgaums food & drink: The best

91.   Belgaum Kotekere Panoramic View

92.  Sanchayni Circle: Darkness all through

93.  Belgaum Danger Zone

94. Vegetable prices kiss the sky



95.  Google SMS service : Belgaumblog

96. Belgaum ideal for Nano plant

97.  Modi riding the Nano: if BRAND BELGAUM existed

98. Help build “Brand Belgaum”

99. Belgaum Foundry industry in bad shape

100.                      The other side of CARD acceptance by merchants

101.                        Way to color the canvas: Stars of Belgaum: SACHIN UPADHYE

102.                       L K Advani Speech at the GIT silver jubilee

103.                       New Venues for shopping this Diwali in Belgaum



104.                      Forums launched on Belgaumblog

105.                       Relaince Fresh: Review:Something Fresh to Refresh

106.                      Eco ‘Logical’ tours with KAMAT ECOTOURS & JUNGLE HOLIDAYS

107.                       Belgaum airport will get night landing facility

108.                      108 Ambulance service in Belgaum

109.             hacked

110.                        3 hours load shedding in Belgaum

111. Belgaum Bullets / Royal Enfield riders club: Riding the Royal way

112.Sino-Indian joint training exercise: December 8 and 14 at Belgaum

113.Khanapur Road to get dividers soon

114.                        Sex Scandal in Belgaum

115.Vayavya Labs of Belgaum in top 30 for TATA NEN Hottest Startup Awards

116.                        Stars of Belgaum:Vayavya Labs

117.BIG Cinemas @ Nucleus Mall is all set for launch in Belgaum on the 5th of December



118.                        Belgaum ATS sleeping: Waiting for a Attack on the city

119.                        Smart Retail: Reviewed: FIR

120.                       St Paul’s 1993 Batch plan a REUNION — they have set an amazing example of using the internet to maintain school bonds — theirs truly is friendship of the 21st century!

121.Belgaumites take War on Terror: Candle light rally At last Big Cinemas to open today

122.                       BelgaumBlog: 50000 hits: Thank you readers

123.                       Chinese army men ready with Mohabbatein, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna in Belgaum

124.                       Suhas Talwar can challenge, inspire, motivate and dare you to rediscover yourself

125.                       Belgaum MLI centre best suited in India for training

126.                       Belgaum railway station to get a face off

127.                       Yearning for “Old Belgaum”: By Shobhan Bantwal

128.                       Karnataka Legislature Joint Session in Belgaum Jan 16

129.                       Big Cinema Kapeel Belgaum: Book your ticket online

130.                       Suresh Hundre : CMD Polyhydron Belgaum: Business Ashrama Stars of Belgaum

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