BelgaumBlog: 50000 hits: Thank you readers


“It’s Not The Chances We Take; It’s The Choices We Make, That Determines Our Destiny.” 


Someone said it and I am following it. I merely started this blog as a hobby 490 days ago and today it has seen 50,000 hits. These don’t include the 149 people who receive it daily directly in their mail box.

620 posts in 490 days, an average of more than one post a day with regular news updates from various sources to special stories exclusively on this blog. From covering events just as they happened and got you pictures the fastest I could to showcasing those talents of Belgaum to the world. It has been a long journey for me.

I have made many new friends by this blog and I would cherish their friendship for life. I got designers to design for me, Thanks Leading minds; you made my job easier and more presentable & Hyperwebenable team for their support.

Lastly, THANKS to all those readers who throng my site, some before starting work some later, it has been your support which has brought me here and I won’t let you down.



  1. congrats for taking the first step, have ideas for improvement. will make a note and let u know. and willing to help if u require.

  2. dear sir,
    just to let u know to inclue buying and selling of property in and around belgaum would be of great interest.

  3. Mr. Uday,

    You have done a great job. Many thanks for keeping me in the lime light of Belguam. Please keep it going!!

    Bharati 🙂

  4. Congratulations for your splendid effort. I am really pleased to see your email. You have opened belgaum to the world.
    I would like to ask you one more thing, are you planning put up on the blog somethings which common man faces in day to day life?

  5. Dear Editor,

    First of all ,let me convey you my hearty congraluations on your greatest achivement.I am addicited to
    Belgaum Blog like my morning cup of tea. I have an internt connection at home and i read your blog first
    then the other news papers. As a well wisher of belgaum blog ,I suggest that the following information also
    be furnished such as :-

    Climatic conditions.
    Regular Industrial updtae of Belgaum
    Regular Commercial update of Belgaum.
    Timings of Trains
    Timing of flights.
    Timing of Busses only on important routes.
    Rate of Gold & SIlver and other metal trading (on the lines of
    London metal exchange ).
    Giving special information on food & Drink corners.
    Any other information you deem necessary.

    Congraluting you once again.

  6. Congratulations Dear Uday! I too was looking forward to the 50K mark on my fav. site! Well done. You have done a commendable job. Truly appreciate it.
    Thanks for the lovely website and may it grow even bigger.
    You haven’t even started yet, considering your potential.. so what long journey are you talking about?!?!?! 😉 🙂 Miles to go buddy 🙂 …………..

  7. We thank you for your efforts and applaud your interest in maintaining this blog. As NRI’s we are always hungry for news and information related to our hometown. Even simple information that we usually neglect while living in the city is lapped up when we stay far. Great work Uday. We pray you grow from strength to strength and may God sustain your efforts.

    God bless.

  8. Hearty congratulations on your achievement. It’s great to see the interest you have created in Belgaum city.

    Wish you many more !!

  9. It is really a moment of triumph for all of us ! I am proud that I am a member of Belgaum Blog since inception ! I am in US now since 5 months. I see the blog every-day without fail to update myself with happenings of belgaum. Many times, my elatives at Belgaum wonder how I am informed about Belgaum before any one of them tell me about it ! Thanks to u and and to Belgaum Blog !!

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