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To Belgaumites & Beyond – Happy new Year

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Reflections on a year that joins the annals of history prompt one to reminisce over the bitter-sweet moments that made the year what it was in terms of a living experience. Presenting snippets from what we know as life in our wonderful town of Belgaum with shades of the pink and the blue is what makes All About Belgaum an effort worth living.

While we look forward to wonderful and momentous events in the year ahead, the hope and prayer is to take up the task of reporting victories with greater fervour and concerns with greater commitment that it has been before.

2013 was a year when so much just happened that we never almost realized that the year had drawn to a close. As we attempt to summarize our contributions, we also look forward to making ourselves a better and improved instrument of change in our lovely town; after all, AAB is not about just reporting, it about living and presenting the experiences as though they were and are our own since everything that transpires in this part of the planet greatly affects what we know of as living in our quiet, peaceful and serene part of the globe, a part devoid of the excesses of modern life, a part where things still harbour around the moderate while things are getting to be rather extreme in terms of living as an experience in other parts of the world.

As we reach out to wish the entire humanity a year of accomplishment, joy, contentment and peace, we seek to extend a heartfelt thanks to all our fans, companions and critics for enabling us do what we try to do best; the task of showcasing the place that we know as home, the place that has given us so much that we seek to do our little bit to present it, with a great deal of pride to the world.

Let’s hope that 2014 takes off from where 2013 left to add pleasure and completeness to our existence on this wonderful Blue Planet.

Happy New Year

In Service of Belgaum, Belgaumities and Humanity at Large

– Team All About Belgaum

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