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Belgaum police had launched their website in great fan fare on August 15, 2010 by the then SP Sonia Narang.

As on today, the website is getting forwarded to some other page which is normally a page for parked domains.belgaumpolice

This page normally comes up when a domain due for registration is not renewed in due time and then someone else picks the domain in an auction and then he just puts a redirect url of some ads.

The govt. agencies make all the effort to go citizen friendly but they never ever try to update the same and in this case did not even think of renewing the same. It was also seen that the site was not updated.

What a sorry fate to

Superintendent of police Mr.Sandeep Patil in a clarification told this blog that the Karnataka state police is revamping all the websites for all Districts to get uniformity. The new district website is being now tried on the nic network. Hence we have closed the earlier designed website by us.

5 thoughts on “ trouble”

  1. Formality is being done hence sustainance will not happen. Did any one tried to know what was the use and how the details(if any user entered anything on site) on the site were used by the police?

  2. Seriously!!!!

    I love our country, but lately i had gone abroad and to a country that does not collect taxes (a tax heaven) from its citizens but are far better with their infrastructure and resources –
    They have amazing roads, no power cuts at all (unless there is a tsunami or an earthquake), amazingly over qualified people working at their government offices who are not corrupt and who would go out of their way to help people out who are really in need; rather than take a bribe like here and not do what their duty is.. that sucks.

    Sadly we are foolish people who just won't speak up and raise our voice when i really matters 🙁 instead we fight for communal reasons.


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