Benake says Ganesh Festival in Belagavi for 11 days – Stay Bindas

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MLA Anil Benake released and video and said Ganesh Festival in Belagavi will be celebrated for 11 days and no one should be worried and they should stay Bindas in this regard.

Karnataka Government gives the approval to celebrate Ganeshotsava for 5 days.

One Ganesha pandal per ward in urban areas and one pendal per village in rural areas.

The MLA seems to assure the public and the Sarvajanik Mandals that in Belagavi the celebrations will be held for 11 days and they should stay Bindas about it and prepare for the celebration.

No entertainment events. Pendal cannot exceed 50 feet during the Ganesh festival.


No Ganesh procession. Eco-friendly Ganeshas are allowed and it has to be immersed at a designated place.

No Puja after 9 pm and all organizers must be vaccinated.

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  1. Mr. Benake . . .
    sadly our, or rather MY, Muslim brothers and sisters couldn’t fully enjoy their Eid and their Ramadan was made even more stressful/challenging. I’m sure you know why.
    I’m ecstatic that my, or rather more fitting OUR, Hindu brothers and sisters can enjoy their upcoming festivals. And that too more freely than the government has allowed.
    Tell me though. . .
    will this freedom you’re assuring everyone, for no gain/benefit to yourself I’m sure, bring about any repercussions in future? Third wave and all I mean.
    And if consequences do come because of this “BINDAAS” pass from you will our, or rather MY Christian brothers and sisters be made to face the brunt of it vis a vis their upcoming festivals?
    Eagerly, and respectfully awaiting your reply good sir


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