Best friend kidnaps girl along with her boyfriend asks for 5 crore ransom

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In some what looks like a filmy script, Divya along with boyfriend Kedar kidnapped her best buddy Arpita Naik and called the Arpita’s home and demanded 5 crore ransom. 
After a Kidnapping case was filed of Arpita Naik an GIT engineering student at Tilakwadi Police station, the police came into action, but what they revealed is shocking.

kidnaped casekidnapDivya M and Arpita were both best buddies in college and Divya made this great Kidnapping plan along with her boyfriend Kedar and called Aripta for dinner on Monday to Hotel Niyaaz. Later after Dinner they made her drink coconut water and it had some sleeping pills mixed in it and later she was made to sleep by applying chloroform.

They went to Gadag, the origin of Kedar in an Indica car and then called Arpita’s home for a ransom of Rs.5 crore.

It is also learnt that Divya and Kedar had been to Tirupati thrice and had prayed that if their plan was successful they would donate 70 lakhs to the Lord.

Divya, Kedar and the car driver have been arrested.

CPI Jadhav has confirmed that the police team formed by DCP G Radhika led by Khadebazar ACP Jaykumar and inspector Jadhav has traced them in Gadag and brought them to Belagavi in the morning.

Kedar is learnt to be associated with doing black magic.

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  1. Can’t believe some thing like this happen in Belgaum. Don’t pardon these basterds. Put them behind bar and Distroy their life.

  2. Such culprits should b punished severely in public such that no body else dares similar stupid n disgusting acts?

  3. Dear Kidnappers,

    At your age and in this era, you should at least be aware that police are shown coward only in movies and there may be 10% cowards in any profession, that’s totally natural. But you proved yourselves fools to run a kidnapping plot and that too… wait let me laugh…ha ha ha ha…. that too by bribing the lord?

    Lesson Learnt: India is a changed place today, please beware, the good people of this country are not cowards just because they are polite, calm and don’t practice violence.

    Thanks to the Police Department for saving the innocent in such a short time, we are proud of you 🙂

    Jai Hind..!

    • Surely in this case police people should be congratulated for their immediate action with result. Congrats to all Police Personnel in this matter.

  4. Goddess lakshmi “(goddess of wealth and money)” herself is wife of tirupati. And if I am not wrong she ll be sitting at his feet worshipping him… Dese bastards bribing god himself for their genius act…. Bull shit… 1st time I seen such a foolish engineering students…. Proud of parents who dared to complain and proud of Belagavi police.

  5. Very much expected from Belgaum, esp. from GIT students. Half of GIT female students do illegal activities even after graduating. Many I know have been arrested abroad as well.

    • By blaming or naming one college does that make any sense. even many from other colleges are arrested in many cases does that mean everyone is involved. think before u comment

    • Ediot….GIT as Engineering institute has given best engineers to this world. Just because of this spoiled kid we should not blame GIT like college which is one of the best.

  6. According to the reality nobody is bad or good its just situation and the path they moved made them to do so…. its been understood that we all go temple to solve problems we are facing.. its not that everyone are soo concerned about God. Just think over it again.


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