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Better late than never – CBT being recarpeted

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The first thing that catches your eye when you look at a city is its Central bus stand (CBT), from where normally the visitors land. CBT can be also termed as the front office of an organization in most cases and thus, the first impression your city has on a visitor entirely depends on your front office, in this the Central bus stand.

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And the pitying state of Belgaum CBT is alarming and no one is bothered to look into this which adds to the apathy of the visitors and travelers.
Better late than never; there is some temporary relief as the pot holed roads inside the stand are being now re-carpeted which is a welcome sign to the commuters.
There was so much of dust in the air when the bus used to enter or exit that each one had to cover their faces.
Tenders have been floated for estimated cost is Rs.28,99,98,997.41 for which no one put a bid for 3 occasions.

2 thoughts on “Better late than never – CBT being recarpeted”

  1. People are habitual to keep quite, they wait for other to raise issues. There is a famous saying in Marathi – Shivaji shejaryancha ghari janmala yeude (Their own son should not go for a War, expecting Shivaji to be born in others houses).
    Its not only in Belgaum but all over India, hum kyuon kare bhai ye humara kaam nahi hai- kind of an attitude which will not take us forward.


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