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Bhajiwali at your doorstep via Whatsapp

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A Mechanical engineer who was taken a back by the apathy of the farmers when it came to selling the produce, he came up with a novel idea to help them by selling their produce at a good price and to the consumer’s doorstep that too at a very competitive price through “Bhajiwali”.

Kumail Barafwala on thr right along with a farmer
Kumail Barafwala on thr right along with a farmer
Kumail Barafwala worked on this idea given to him by his father who runs a cold storage business. Kumail had closely seen the farmers working in the fields and the also the yield they got. The farmers sometimes did not even get what he invested. A farmer sold Cucumber at Rs.12 per KG to the middleman and the same Cucumber was sold in the market for Rs.50.

img 8426Farmers always have had an issue with selling their produce at a good price and this moment Kumail thought why not source from them and deliver to the consumers through his company “Bhajiwali”.

Speaking to AAB, Kumail said, “The name Bhajiwali is very commonly used in Belagavi and we thought this would be the best catchy name to begin with.”
With a team 4 he currently delivers about 20-25 orders a day.
He uses Whatsapp as his medium where he sends the days price list and orders are sought and then sourced and delivered the next day fresh.

It has not been a easy journey, at the beginning one order in 3 days was common he told candidly. Now with an average order size of Rs.200 they are able to sustain themselves as they dont have any inventory.
With a customer base of 200 now Bhajiwali plans to expand it self organically and through the word of mouth.

Kumail told that majority of his clients are parents whose children are no here and they cant go out each day due to various reasons to shop for vegetables. For them Bhajiwali is a boon.

Bhajiwali plans to replicate this model to neighboring cities as well with sourcing being kept from Belagavi and surrounding areas.

Bhajiwali also plans to promote the local Food industry like Pickles, Atta, sooji etc which are made here in Belagavi it self.

You can Whatsapp your order to 076764 22466.

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  1. Innovative idea. Good luck Bhajiwala. If you are getting the Farmers a good deal for their hard toiled yield than that’s fantastic.

  2. Very nice business ur doing
    Both customer as well as farmer are benefited
    It’s a best business to many youngsters
    Congratulations and best wishes


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