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Bharatesh Launches New Engineering College – Bharatesh Institute of Technology

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By uday

The Management of Bharatesh Education Trust today announced the launch of Bharatesh Institute of Technology- its new engineering college at Basavan Kudachi, Belagavi.

The Bharatesh Institute of Technology has been approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and is affiliated with VTU Belagavi.

Bharatesh Education Trust was established in 1962 by enterprising youngsters in Belagavi to provide quality education to all. Today, the Trust runs 20 educational institutions across 3 campuses in Belagavi city, Halaga and Basavan Kudachi. Bharatesh has already established itself in engineering education through its Motichand Lengade Bharatesh Polytechnic for the past 40 years. The new engineering college is a great extension of its repertoire.

This new engineering college Bharatesh Institute of Technology will have four branches with a Total seats 360

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Bharatesh Institute of Technology Belagavi

1. Computer Science with 120 seats

2 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) with 60 seats

3 Information Science with 60 seats

4 Electronics and Communication with 120 seats

These new-age branches offer students a whole lot of career options in the years to come. The new college is housed at a brand new green architecture building at Bharatesh Chandragiri Campus, Basavan Kudachi, Belagavi spread over 30,000 sq. feet. It also has separate hostels for boys and girls. The college offers transport facilities through a fleet of buses across the Belagavi region. The college has a very competitive fee structure for all its branches to cater to deserving students to gain an engineering education and shape their lives.

Students can contact 9071015777 for more details.

2 thoughts on “Bharatesh Launches New Engineering College – Bharatesh Institute of Technology”

    • Mr. Ratesh astutely highlights the concerning state of education in Belagavi and its environs, shedding light on several critical issues. As someone deeply entrenched in higher education, I concur with the following observations:

      1. Academic rigor has dwindled, with education resembling a mere entitlement rather than an earned privilege, irrespective of students’ exertions.
      2. Emphasis is placed on physical infrastructure at the expense of investing in faculty and other academic essentials.
      3. Leadership within educational management often exhibits poor quality, marred by greed and petty politicking.
      4. Faculty members are often remunerated inadequately, resulting in a prevalence of mediocrity.
      5. Teaching has regrettably devolved into a bureaucratic task of fulfilling documentation requirements for various accrediting bodies.
      6. Profit-driven motives overshadow ethical considerations in the delivery of education.
      7. Post-COVID, student engagement and focus have waned, yet institutions bear responsibility for failing to adapt effectively.
      8. The fixation on grades supersedes the emphasis on genuine learning outcomes.


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