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Bicycle Sharing Service in Belagavi Suspended?

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By uday

The public bicycle-sharing initiative launched in Belagavi in January 2023 under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with Belagavi Smart City Limited has encountered significant issues. Implemented by Yaana Bikes, the program aimed to enhance the city’s livability and attractiveness by reducing reliance on private motorized vehicles and promoting walkability and environmental friendliness. The service was designed to offer last-mile connectivity to public transport users.

However, the service appears to be currently non-functional, with many bikes frequently found without batteries or low batteries, preventing usage. Through a mobile app, residents could book these bicycles for a nominal charge after paying a 500 deposit, with over 400 bicycles stationed across various locations in the city.

Bicycle public sharing service in Belagavi closed

To support this initiative, 33 kilometers of dedicated bicycle tracks have been constructed. Unfortunately, these tracks are often obstructed by parked vehicles due to municipal neglect, leaving many bicycles unused.

Despite a significant investment in 2021-22 to build these tracks and parking stations, frequent encroachment by four-wheelers has hindered the program’s effectiveness. The Smart City officials allocated 33 crores for the project, but its full potential remains unrealized due to ongoing challenges.

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