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BIMS staff protests against last night assault

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All the corona warriors of BIMS hospital, including doctors, nurses and ward boys, staged a protest in front of BIMS, condemning the attack on doctors and nursing staff at the COVID ward of BelagaviDistrict Hospital last night.

The corona warriors for the last 4 months have been taking all the risks to keep us safe.

We are treating patients day and night, we also have a family but we are serving the society.


How can one treat the patients in such an environment of terror, said the protesters. 

Action should be taken against the perpetrators of assault on medical personnel, and the protection of the medical staff is the need of the hour.

7 thoughts on “BIMS staff protests against last night assault”

  1. We all know how medical staffs are working to their highest capacities and with risk and we are very grateful to them and we adore them
    Their was minor incident occurred this was natural when the staff right way rejected patient admission any person would do the same.its prime duty of hospital staff to admit and treat the patient immediately weather it’s a illness or accident case
    but their dharnas and protest should be banned in India any body doing so shall be terminated immediately without any notices whatsoever
    In this era of covid all patients coming to hospitals shall be admitted without saying any excuses as no body is willing to go to hospital at any time it’s no picnic, when emergency arrive then only patient is taken to hospital a very strict law shall be passed to admit any patient without even paper work that’s humanity later on all paper works can be done life is precious for all not only for celebrity or rich persons all lives matter
    that’s why men made hospitals and we pay tax for same it’s for public by public money ( as we give tax if we buy soap to groceries to petrol)

  2. During these pandemic time the medicos are under stress , they too are human and there can be errors or laxity. This does not permit anyone to take law into their own hand. The culprits who burnt ambulance a d pelted stones must be punished..Because of them an ambulance is lost!
    Police should put the rioters behind bars.

  3. What is the cause of attack not mentioned in article, there must be some reason for such an act, as we are watching and hearing some very horrific scenes from hospitals in India now a days.

  4. It’s very easy for a layman to comment on the horrific issue, jus ask the doctors , nurse and other staff of the hospital what they are going through. We sitting at home or working other than a hospital can sit and say any shit.
    What happened was a very shameful act. No one has given the authority to set fire or assualt any one. We are not living in a jungle or are we animals. We are humans and let’s not forget humanity.

  5. Whatever is the cause, they can’t set an ambulance on fire and attack the drs and staff. They are working their risking their life. They too have a family. Are scared for their life. If you feel the care is not good you are allowed to go-to any private hospital for the treatment. You just can’t act in a haste and create ruckus. Behave like human beings

  6. Ms Rohini are you in senses, do You think if people have money and they will go to Civil hospital, more ever in covid times only civil and now some 2-3 private hospitals are treating covid patients in Belgavi
    be human don’t be so rude I know you have bit wealth that’s why that rash words are coming from you but mind You within no time wealth can be lost
    No need to get more harhser and even poor people pay tax on daily basis that’s their right to get the good treatment ( for Your knowledge the hospitals is built run and operate on taxes by indian) they are not on alms as some people like you think, take 2 minutes before writing comments on your sofa
    Yes we respect doctors who are discharging duties with care and risk with aim of noble cause but those doctors who feel burden must resign to give chance to noble doctors to serve as the profession demands


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