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3 private hospitals now Corona warriors

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With the increasing number of patients in the city and huge pressure on the district hospital, the administration had asked private hospitals to come forward and treat the COVID-19 patients.

As per the report of the Sakal, 3 private hospitals have agreed to the request to treat COVID-19 patients.

Since yesterday Venugram hospital has commenced treating the patients but the tests would be done at the Govt designated labs alone.

Lakeview and Metgud hospital would also commence on Thursday. KLES Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital is already treating COVID patients. 


The treatment charges would be as per the prices already fixed by the health department.

3 thoughts on “3 private hospitals now Corona warriors”

  1. Every thing is the game of rich people, all the above private hospitals are not affordable by middle class people, today we tried to get swab test done, no hospital cared, finally we went to civil hospital, they said without admitting patient they won’t do swab test, and there are no vacant bed, so they prescribed some medicine and sent us back home.

  2. No use for for poor people and middle class people s after seeing this bill strature better without treatment dieing is good after corona now understand know people’s govt game and rich privates hospital game


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