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Bio-Diesel from the waste decayed & rotten coconuts – R.N.Shetty Polytechnic

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The 6th Semester students of Diploma Mechanical Engg Dept under the guidance of Shri.Ganesh.R.Chitnis, HOD of Mechanical Dept R.N.Shetty Polytechnic, Belagavi have deviseda new technique of extracting Bio-Diesel from the WASTE DECAYED & ROTTEN COCONUTS under the technical guidance of Dr.C.C.Gavimath, VTU & actually extracted the Bio –Diesel using the chemicals like Methanol & Sodium Sulphate.2 001

The Bi-Products namely oil cakes & Glycerine are used for Fertilizers & Cosmetics industries. This Bio-Diesel is eco friendly, pollution free, having more efficiency & much more cheaper (Approximately Rs.34/- per litre) when compared to petroleum products. This can be used in any diesel Engine, even it can be used for generating the electricity economically.

They have also designed the truck body which can dump & tilt the load on all the three sides. Mr.Riyaz.D.Maskewale, Mr. Manjunath Udameeshi, Mr. Milton Carvalho & Team have taken keen interest to complete the project successfully.

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  2. Hello, Can i get the contact details of Prof. Ganesh R. Chitnis. I am interested in this project.My contact number is 9990259165.


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