3 chain snatching incidents in a day

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3 cases of chain snatching have been reported from Mal Maruti area on a single day and all the snatching has occurred within 90 minutes.

Mangala Kapoor a senior citizen was robed of a MangalSutra worth Rs.40, 000. In another incident two bikers who on the pretext of asking an address snatched the mangal sutra from inside an apartment complex.

The third incident the bikers robbed 54 year old in Ramteerth Nagar.

4 thoughts on “3 chain snatching incidents in a day”

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! How long this lasts ??? Cops had to take it seriously on this issue concerning safety of citizens, there is a big gang running around to do such snatching/robbery… Give an end to such incidents and save the people… I was believed that Belgaum is the safest place to reside in the entire Karnataka, but unlike so when we look at such frequent incidents…

    God have mercy on the people..

  2. How we will regain confidence ? Belgaum was a safest place.
    Only police can not work. We citizens should act and be careful if anybody on bike is asking for an address.
    Keep yourself mentally prepared to hit the bike/person the moment any body asks for address and puts hand for snatching.

    • Sanjay, I agree with your view. we need to do a bit more than mental preparedness. A collective effort. Victims were unable to speak or note details of persons. We need to prepare them.
      Concerned Resident of MM Extension.

  3. Politicians should take this belgaum law and order issue seriously the traffic and Auto Fare Issue in belgaum is going out of control and politicians should order civil servants with full power to handel this issues


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