Bizarre traffic lights: How do we follow them, if we have to?

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 The photos say it all. I need not mention anything more, do I.

These are traffic lights at the Globe Circle.

These traffic lights have not been img 2982officially opened even after being installed for over a year now and hence they themselves have started to work but not the correct way I guess.

The complete city is getting a overhaul, the traffic lights in bogarves which have been shut for years together are being repaired, but who will look at these traffic lights which are functioning on their own.

In the first photo to locate the signal is only very difficult in those branches of the trees.

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2 thoughts on “Bizarre traffic lights: How do we follow them, if we have to?”

  1. all the pleas will go on deaf ears. they have cut the trees long back, removed compound walls. roads are left half done. in your photo all the lights are working, now nothing is working. trees have been cut, people now suffer in the heat waiting for the bus.


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