BJP High Command Defies Protest, Names Jagdish Shettar as Belagavi Loksabha Candidate

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In a move that has sparked controversy and dissent within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the party’s high command has announced Jagdish Shettar as the Loksabha candidate for Belagavi, despite heavy protest. Shettar, hailing from Dharwad, also holds the distinction of being the relative of outgoing MP Mangala Angadi.

The decision comes amidst vehement opposition from several quarters within the party, as well as from the public, who argue that the selection of a candidate with familial ties to the outgoing MP undermines the principles of fair representation and meritocracy.

The major dissent in the local BJP and party loyal was with regards to why should an outosider be given a ticket here. Does it mean that the states biggest district doesn’t have even one eligible candidate that one had to be imported.

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The announcement has sparked protests and discontent among party members, with some openly expressing their dissatisfaction with the decision. Critics argue that the move reflects favoritism and nepotism within the party ranks, undermining the credibility of the BJP’s claim to be a party of merit and equal opportunity.

#gobackshettar was quite a trending hastag on social media.

Jagdish Shettar, a seasoned politician and former Chief Minister of Karnataka, brings a wealth of experience to the table. However, his nomination has been overshadowed by the controversy surrounding his familial ties to the outgoing MP, casting a shadow over his candidacy.

Despite the backlash, the BJP high command has stood firm on its decision, defending Shettar’s nomination as a strategic move aimed at securing victory for the party in the upcoming elections. However, it remains to be seen how this decision will resonate with the electorate, particularly in light of the widespread discontent it has generated within the party and the public.

As the political landscape in Belagavi heats up in the run-up to the elections, all eyes will be on Jagdish Shettar and the BJP as they seek to navigate the challenges posed by dissent and protest over his candidacy.

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  1. A person who has always worked against wishes of Belgaum even when he was district minister, a MLA who ditched his own party for contesting election to be a MLA, a person who changed parties like every day dress….. Will he be ever for people or Belgaum?

    Time to show doors for outsiders irrespective of their Party, Religion or stature.



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