EVMs transported to respective assembly constituencies

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District Election Officer Nitesh Patil has confirmed the commencement of the randomization process’s first phase, adhering to the Election Commission’s guidelines. Electronic voting machines have been dispatched to assembly constituencies.

Under tight security, EVMs stored in the Election Commission of India’s godown in Hindalaga village were transported to respective assembly constituencies on Tuesday, March 26.

The dispatch was executed using GPS-based vehicles accompanied by police security, extending till midnight.

EVMs are secured in strong rooms in respective taluks. The second stage of randomization will occur upon the arrival of the second election observers, alongside representatives of political parties.

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District Election Officer Nitesh Patil emphasized that the allocation of EVMs to polling booths will be determined only after the second stage of randomization.

Following the Election Commission’s guidelines, EVMs undergo storage after preliminary stage verification (FLC). FLCed voting machines will be allocated 130% of EVMs to respective polling stations through the first stage of randomization.

District Returning Officer Nitesh Patil, along with District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Rahul Shinde, also serving as Chikkodi Lok Sabha Constituency Returning Officer, supervised EVM dispatching, assisted by Assistant Returning Officers, Deputy Divisional Officers, and Tehsildars of all eighteen assembly constituencies in the district.

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