BJP MLA’s skip BUDA meeting again

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This time as well the BJP MLA’s Anil Benake and Abhay Patil skipped the scheduled BUDA meeting and hence the meeting was called off by the Chairman BUDA Ghulappa B Hosamani.

Congress MLAs Satish Jarkiholi and Lakshmi Hebbalkar visited BUDA’s office and held discussions with President Hosmani and Commissioner Pritam Naslapure. This time they mainly discussed Kanbargi residential scheme. Due to differences between BUDA president Hosmani and BJP MLAs Abhay Patil and Anil Benke, there was uncertainty about the meeting, and Satish Jarkiholi was angered as the meeting was not held.

He warned that if both the BJP MLAs did not attend Buda’s next meeting, legal action would be taken against them. Jarkiholi also said that the meeting was held in November last year, but no meeting has taken place since then. Earlier, Buda’s budget meeting was held on August 13. But on the day before the meeting, on the 12th, the then Commissioner G. T. Dinesh Kumar was replaced. The meeting was canceled for that reason. The meeting was held on September 27. But both the BJP MLAs and Buda members did not attend the meeting.

Various issues including the Budget have to get approval. The approval for Kanbargi Layout, hockey stadium & other important infrastructure is still in the hanging.

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Hosmani also was irked by the frequent cancellations of the meetings. The meeting had to be canceled as MLAs and members did not attend the meeting. The meeting has been postponed till October 25. It is unfair that our MLAs are absent from the meeting even though our own government is in power. This kind of thing affects development, Hosmani said. Although the current financial month has come to an end, Buda’s budget has not been approved yet.

Work on the much-talked-about Kanbargi residential scheme, which has been pending for 15 years, has not started. Therefore, it was necessary to hold a meeting on Monday.

BUDA Chairman and the city MLA belong to the Bharatiya Janata Party. But it is clear from the events of the last three or four months that they have a lot of differences that have come to the fore.

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  1. While the BUDA, KHB & Corporation act under the laws applicable to them, the public should be made aware of their respective roles particularly in the matter of developing sites/housing colonies. There have been instances when the Corporation on whom the citizens have to depend finally for recognition and services in the City has refused to acknowledge or take over housing developed by BUDA or KHB as if they are illegal while the BUDA & KHB quietly withdraw from the projects stating they have been “completed” . The affected persons are left to fend for themselves and the Corporation if it all it decides to take over projects developed by KHB/BUDA or with permission of BUDA demands taxes from back dates and with penalty even when no services were rendered for the perimeter


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