BJP office bearers allegedly assaulted by Ex MLA supporters in Belagavi South

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As the day is coming closer for the announcement of the date for the assembly elections the politics on the ground is also getting heated up and today at the Navshakti Samavesh held at Belagavi south, PD Dhotre and Sunil Chougule alleged that they were assaulted by supporters of Abhay Patil EX MLA.

Navshakti Samavaesh meeting was called in Ramnath Mangal Karlaya and as PD Dhotre had got an SMS about the same he along with Sunil Chougule went to the venue, where both of them were stopped and asked as to why they have come here and they should get out from here. During the heated exchanges, Dhotre alleges that about five supporters of Abhay Patil assaulted him and tore his shirt and Sunil chougule was also pushed.

A complaint has been filed and Dhotre got himself admitted in Civil hospital.

P D Dhotre and Chougule both are holding offices in the BJP and this in fighting which was spoken internally now has come to the fore front.

The number of aspirants in both north and South are in abundance and in fighting and clashes will now be common and if the BJP wants to win it will have to do an introspection of its self here.

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  1. So long as People like Abhay Patil are in Party, BJP will never win the election in Belgaum.
    Belgaum is city of peaceful living people. such person are spoiling the image of Party inspite of recognized by disciplined party.


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