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Tallest National Flag flutters at Belagavi at 110 mtrs

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The National tricolour measuring 120 ft by 80 ft on the 110 Mtrs (from base plate to Top umbrella) Flag was unfurled on March 12, 2018 at Fort Lake near BUDA office which will be the Tallest flag pole in India.
The Flag pole at Attari border is also measuring 360 Feet same as the one in Belagavi.

This kind of Flags are termed as “Monumental flag” and the flag, is made of weather proof polyester fabric (Deneir Polyester).

tallest national flag belagavi belgaum
The Tricolor fluttering high at 110 Mtrs at Fort Lake Belagavi PC: Shekhar Photo Studio

A ‘monumental flag’ is one that is hoisted at a tall height and not lowered at dusk. 

In a magnificent ceremony in the presence of a huge crowd the flag was hoisted by district incharge minister Ramesh Jarkhiholi along with MLA Feroz Sait.

Special permission from the home ministry is to be taken to keep the flag hoisted at all times and the flag will have to be well lit through the evening and can be seen at all times.

This has been possible after, August 2010, when the Bilaspur high court observed that not lowering the flag at night is not a violation of the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act 1971, opening the door for common person fly the tri-colour at night.

Sharing the details of the Flag mast, MLA Feroz Sait said that, it is a dream come true for the citizens and also for him to see the tri colour flutter at this height.

He added, this could be the TALLEST in the country at 110 Mtrs (from base plate to Top umbrella) as the one at Attari Border is 105 Mtrs and one at Pune is 107 Mtrs high.

As many as 5 flags have been kept in reserve if the same needs to be changed.

The Flag mast has 3.5 HP motor which will raise the flag high to 110 Mtrs.

Drone Footage by Shekhar Photo Studio

5 thoughts on “Tallest National Flag flutters at Belagavi at 110 mtrs”

  1. This is really amazing, the fort lake is a jewel in Belgaum’s crown and its importance has increased by many folds. Once again Belgaum is highlighted on global map, this time because of the Tri-Colour.

  2. A proud moment for every Belgaumite. Great work by MLE Feroz Saith.
    For once he has set the bar above the rest of other MLA’s of city. Earlier probably Mr. Abhay Patil was the only elected member from city trying off-beat concepts in reaching to public at large.

  3. Maintaining the first lag of such enormous size fluttering all 24 hours of a day, by keeping flood light on flag during night time is to be maintained. I hope Karnataka Government has made provision for electric generator to maintain constant supply of electricity.

  4. To keep such enormous size flag flying all 24 hours of a day, Karnataka Government must have made electric generator power supply to flood lights on flag during night time.

  5. Tallest national flag in India
    Belgaum flag pole height is same as Attari border Amritsar that is = 110mt (360.89 feet)
    1. Attari and Belgaum = 360.89 feet (110 mt)
    2. Kolhapur = 303 feet (92.35 mt)
    3. Ranchi = 293 feet (89.30 mt)
    4. Hyderabad = 291feet (88.69 mt)
    5. Raipur = 269 feet (81.07 mt)
    6. Faridabad =250 feet (76.2 mt)
    7. Pune = 237 feet (72.23 mt)
    8. Bhopal = 235 feet (71.62 mt)
    9. Navi Mumbai = 222 feet (67.66 mt)
    10. Cuttak = 215 feet (65.53 mt)
    11. New Delhi and Lucknow = 207 feet (63.09 mt)
    12. Jaipur = 205 feet (62.48 mt)


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