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SenseGiz’s COIN will make your Home/office/factory Smart, Secure & More Intelligent

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SenseGiz’s COIN is an end to end IoT product for security, safety, asset & condition monitoring with a cloud platform for monitoring, customization and analytics. 

COIN enables you to remotely track and manage the Temperature, Humidity, Motion, and Vibration. It can be used for Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning, Server rooms and data centers, Pharmaceutical refrigeration, Perishable food storage, Greenhouse and Agriculture, Storage facilities, Homes/ commercial buildings, Military, Agricultural, Hospitality, Residential, Hospitals, Shipping and logistics, Rail Solutions, Stores and so on.

SenseGiz’s COIN
SenseGiz’s COIN deployed for Security against multiple Intrusion
SenseGiz’s COIN
SenseGiz’s COIN device which is small as a coin

Speaking to AAB, Abhishek Latthe of SenseGiz said,
It can monitor values for temperature, humidity, motion and vibration. Set threshold values using our Web Control Panel and get real time notifications if any value is crossed, also stream data at regular intervals of time. So it is very ideal for a monitoring Perishable or refregirated goods. 
It can also secure your entire perimeter and avoid multiple intrusions and unauthorized entry. Get real time alerts if any vibration or motion is detected.

Track asset movement through warehouses, hospitals etc. Speed up processes and eliminate errors by getting real time location status of your assets. Monitor opening and closing of the doors windows, knocking or any unauthorized opening with motion and vibration sensors.

These are few areas where we have tried and tested the COIN, and it can be used anywhere and does not get affected by weather or does not send false alarms as well. Real time data analysis can distinguish between humans (walking, running, crawling or tunnelling) and other objects like vehicles, animals etc.

One more area where this can be utilised is for Elderly Care. Where Real time location monitoring, Crash / Fall monitoring Benefits, Real time monitoring of any number of people in a particular house or building, Real time alert notification in case of crash / fall, Real time alert notification in case a person leaves an assigned room. No smartphone app required to use the SAFR wristband.

Enterprises in many high risk industries have a pressing need to monitor the pin point location and safety of multiple employees at once.

One major area where COIN can be deployed is Security against multiple Intrusion. Abhishek added, a government organization wanted real time data on trespassing and intrusion activity in an area where no person was allowed. The perimeter was covered with Coins. Sensors in the coin would detect intrusion activity and send real time notification to its users, which helped them take appropriate action. Wireless connectivity and wireless streaming. Hence a perfect fit in such cases. Due to its small size, the coin is not visible to the intruders.

Compared to other products, our COIN is much smaller in size, much more economical and with a much better battery life. Also comes with the ability to control/change parameters of each sensor through the cloud. Multiple sensors built into the product for motion, vibration, pressure, humidity and temperature sensing. Patented technology with point to point mesh network to reduce latency, better battery life and with high data payload. Connectivity to cloud by Wi-Fi based gateways.

About SenseGiz:

SenseGiz makes enterprise and industrial IoT products for sensor based condition monitoring, security and real time asset/people tracking applications using a combination of proprietary mesh connected hardware, cloud, analytics and apps. Incorporated in August 2013, all products are designed in-house with patents granted and pending. SenseGiz have an office in Bangalore too now along with their Belagavi, USA and Ireland offices. 

Team of 22 spread over engineering, sales and Marketing and admin roles with 20 in India and 2 overseas for business development and operations. Products sold worldwide with focus on USA, Japan and Indian markets. SenseGiz has been chosen as one of the iconic IoT start ups under the NASSCOM – Govt of India IoT Center of Excellence which has been recently setup. Most promising IoT startup award by IESA.

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