Black Day observed


mesMES activists, sporting black scarf, black flags, and black ribbons, took out a “bicycle rally” in Shahpur area this morning. MES has been observing Rajyotsava Day as black day for the past several years, as a protest against inclusion of Bidar, Bhalki, Nipani, Belgaum, Khanapur and Karwar and several other towns and villages along the Karnataka-Maharashtra boundary.

MES Mayor Mahesh Naik did not participate in the cycle rally, which aggrieved the MES supporters and they even protested infront of his residence.



  1. ur absulotely right mr sanjay Tarun Bharat chairman is fooling innocent people of belgavi & making money from Karnataka govt adverstisement he’s against Karnataka govt then why did he publish huge advertisement of rajastova celebrations?? people should realise he’s the one who as kept border issue alive and creating disturbances in belgaum. Newspaper should be banned..

  2. Why a full page advertisement was published in Tarun Bharat for Rajyotsav Day ???? Commerce takes precedence over politics. Those celebrating Black Day are free to migrate to Maharashtra.

  3. They should read what Mahajan report and the previous reports have said about the issue. Lets us go ahead in implemented it afterall as per it, Karnataka will lose more villages than Mah. Comeon, why is MES scared of it?

  4. It proves that Mr Mayor didn’t want to be fool of MES,
    he wants to enjoy being mayor of belgavi & complete his term rather then answer to govt.. He completely fooled MES specially kiran thakur the venom of belgavi & sambhaji patil….


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