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Black day observed

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MES workers took out a silent procession on bicycle and two wheelers from Shahpur to Basaveshwar Circle.

Nitesh Rane MLA Maharashtra was here on the occasion, he also took part in the rally.

Mayor including various other councilors and members of the factions of the MES were present and the presence of the youth was a dominant factor.

mes6MesMes 2The MES observes Black Day on Rajyotsava day protesting against the non-inclusion of Belagavi and other places in Maharashtra.

It may be recalled that the the city corporation was superseded by the State govt as the Mayor took part in the Black day.

26 thoughts on “Black day observed”

  1. For how many years they will observe Black Day to support one particular News Paper.
    No body has stopped them from going and settling in Maharashtra and that is the easiest way.
    I am a Maharashtrian but Indian first….
    Why full page advertisements are accepted by this News Paper from Govt.of Karnataka on Rajyotsav day if he supports MES ????

    • For how many years will the justice be pending that many days the black day will be observed, mr sanjay I Pitty on your knowledge about the border issue and the facts about its past and present struggle that is why you have been commeting staying No body has stopped and all stuffs.. I doubt whether you are a maharashtrain or just pretending to be just for so called comment… And s if your maharashtrain then it’s you all who don’t knw the importance of being Maharashtrain.. better be shut if you don’t know the complete truth…

      What do you think that the belgaumites are not Indians first…?? Irrespective of odds n evens and differences first we are Indians and none deny it .
      And about black day knw about it…

      Nasleli akal pajlu naye


  2. As we are youth we should conc. on our future and contribute something to india , and anyhow its belgaum and its a part of india thats what all we should understand , , WE ARE WASTING OUR TIME ON THIS ISSUE , JAY HIND I LOVE INDIA ,

  3. Dear sanjay as the paper’s office was registered in belgaum (as the today part of Karnataka) and as per the rules the govt occasion / notification should broadcasted in there news paper hence the Karnataka govt s advertisement was appearead in marathi news paper

  4. Mr editor, u could have written about the celebrations of Rajyostava also. U r also interested in their black day only which is never going to be white. Try to be transparent.

    • have u read the website grow up and read first and then come back. u can type anything u want follow the updates and then get back dont act stupid
      there is an independent story with images there

  5. Mr sanjay I think the constitution of India has given freedom of speech to every Indian to protest and to Refuse to something without creating any violence anywhere in India the Marathi people staying in belgaum are not Pakistani or Bangladeshi Or terrorist so u can criticize them the issue is in Supreme Court and any decision given by the court will be peacefully accepted by the people of Belgaum so be patient and Just relax

    • Good question.
      Considering just to your question and to this comment, I agree to all things you say to Marathi people. Coould you first answer to one question? What was necessity of changing the name from BELGAUM to Belagavi?

  6. Because incompetence of congress leadership border issue with Karnatak still pending. If Karnatak government gave equal status to marathi speaking people of Belgaon. Then this problem dissolve long ago…Pravin Mhapankar.

    • Dear Pravin,
      It’s not only Congress who’s incompetent to resolve the issues. It’s every party takes you turn.. Just they don’t resolve because they need one reason to beg for votes keeping such issues in highlights. It’s fact that only common people should understand and live together..

  7. Miss guided netas….following unwanted dream ….and miss guiding youth…..Please come out of your unwanted demand .The well educated youth of belgaum stepping out of city for employment because of this….no development ….the city is flooded with good educational institutes but no corresponding job opportunities …one day it will be ghost city.

  8. Dear Belgav cha Marathi Manus
    All unemployed Netas support Black Day and use you as their tools.Your next 7 generations will not see Belgaum going to maharastra,better you shift now to maharashtra.I am a Maharashtrian and working away from Belgaum in various states.If you have to grow in life leave this “Sankuchit Vichar”.I love Belgaum and let it be where it is.I dont see any ill treatment given by Govt. to ordinary maharashtrian citizen.
    Dear Editor: its not about AAB but another marathi paper(TB) who does all this non-sense.

    • So true… We if Belgaum goes to Maharashtra then these ppl will suffer.. As Maharashtra has no fast policy implementation. N because of language change students will suffer.. If Belgaum goes to Maharashtra then ppl will face trouble

  9. This is the reason we software professionals working in other cities like Bangalore, Pune etc. It’s sad no software companies coming because of slow growth of city. Leaving home and working outside feels worst sometime.

    • Dear Pradeep
      All things can not come to every city,than all transportation will stop.Tomorrow actors may want Bollywood to come to their city.Life doesnt moves like that. Mps has to go to Delhi,MLAs to bangalor!!!.So be practical.If nothing is there still Belgaum is being developed as SMART CITY.

  10. Black Day, White Day, State Day, Nation Day. Fools don’t understand politician making there business with such day’s. Humara Neta kaisa ho, jo sab tarah ke day mein baag leta ho, logo ko ullu banata ho.


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