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Those shops near Sai Mandir partly on Railways Land

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We all know that Government’s work is God’s work and an true example of this is the 48 shops constructed in 2012-13 on the Sai Mandir road Tilakwadi. The same have been kept unutilized and now the railways have marked about 2 feet on the said shops, which according to them will be required for the double laning of the railway lines.

The Railways has marked about 2 feet on the said shops, but the corporation says they wont be demolished and would be auctioned very soon.

It has also come to light that out of the project cost of 53 lakhs with two contractors a sum of Rs. 30 lakhs is still pending.

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Shops built near Sai Mandir

This structure has been kept unutilized since it was constructed in 2012-13. It is 2017 now and even now the same is not utilized for reasons unknown. Out of the 48 shops 35 have already been allotted but they haven’t been giving the papers of the same, so the persons can’t come in start their business. It was decided that the shops would be let out on an advance of Rs.50,000 and no rent would have to be paid for the next 5 years. But now they plan to auction the shops but with the railways marking on the shops who will buy or take them o rent is the question.

Some questions that arise to our mind?

The corporation knew part of the land belongs to Railways, but even then built shops
Corporation officials did not know their own land holding and hence encroached

Now will the railways demolish the 2 feet of the shops ?

Will any one be willing to move into a space which is marked for demolition ?

These shops even if not demolished will be very adjacent to the Railway Tracks.

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  1. Best to house stray cattle rescued. People can feed them there and also for religious purposes they can be used.

    With Tughlaq’s ruling us we need to also think like them!!


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