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Black day observed

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mesblackdayMaharashtra Ekikaran Samiti(MES) workers took out a silent rally on cycles sporting black flags to remind people of the “injustice” done to Marathi-speaking people by including Belgaum and more than 800 towns and villages along the boundary dominated by this linguistic community in Karnataka. MES has held this protest every year for the past 58 years.

10 thoughts on “Black day observed”

  1. If only kannadigas came out with black flags in sollapur, akkalakote, hollapur in maharastra,.. ooty, hogenakkal etc in TN… kasaragood in kerala.. ananthapur, hindupur in AP, then karnataka would have been much bigger than what it is today. Sad that “Assimilation” is one-sided when it comes to Kannadigas.

  2. MES doesn’t have any responsibility to develop the town. Neither the Karnataka government is looking after what MES does in Belgaum. They say “we have protested for 58 years for Belgaum”. Dear MES, if you would have worked for even 58 days in these 58 years, we would have seen a little bit of progress in Belgaum.

    I can’t believe I saw the same Belgaum even after returning from onsite after 3 years!!!!!

    Shame on MES. They just want to eat public money and in turn marathi public supports it.

  3. The worst part is they are pushing that innocent kid into these hopeless politics. Imagine the impact it would have on these kids’ minds as they grow up amongst such hatred.

  4. The problem in Belgaum and other disputed part of the state is, anything done, any activity conducted by Marathi-speaking people is wrong and it is blamed.


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