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Blame Game at City Corporation Meeting

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The City corporation held a special meeting which included all the corporators and also officers from various utility service providers such as HESCOM, Water board, BSNL etc.

It was nothing but a meeting of blame game as the corporation officers said most of the roads have gone bad after the UG cabling by HESCOM and also sewage and water lines.

The corporation officers said, not all roads belong to the Corporation, even then the entire blame of bad roads is thrown on them.

meet-ccbIt was decided that each road now have a board which will display as to which authority this road belongs to like the City Corporation, PWD or the Cantonment board.

It was decided that the corporation will not pay the electricity bills until and unless the 17 crore road cutting fee is paid by HESCOM.

The issue of putting feeder boxes on the road which were affecting traffic flow was also discussed and the same was told to be removed.

3 thoughts on “Blame Game at City Corporation Meeting”

  1. Also the name of the contractor and hia mobile number should also be displayed and ensure the quality of the road by third party or general public.

  2. Matter of road should be transparent by each street with road makers name and contact number and the area people inspection of road quality. And tender details


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