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Blazers, tie, saris must for Visvesvaraya Technology University teaching staff

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Visvesvaraya Technology University (VTU) has imposed a dress code on teaching and non-teaching staff at its facilities in the state: Blazers with a tie are a must, salwar-kameez during academic days a strict no-no.

The university has sent a circular to all its employees at its headquarters in Belagavi, regional centres in Bengaluru, Mysuru and Kalaburagi and post-graduate centre in Muddenahalli, off Chikkaballapur.


Vice-chancellor Karisiddappa said this was necessary to bring in a sense of decorum on the campus. The circular doesn’t apply to affiliated colleges, but it’s better if they follow the code, he added.

The circular asks male professors to wear formals with a blazer, associate and assistant professors formals with a tie during academic days. In the rest of the year, they can do away with blazers and tie.

Female associate and assistant professors must come in a sari during academic days and are allowed to wear salwar-kameez during non-academic days, the circular says.

Sari is mandatory for female non-teaching employees -office superintendents, private secretaries and receptionists. Rest of the staff can choose between sari and salwar-kameez. Male non-teaching employees must necessarily wear formals.Formals with aprons is the dress code for instructors.

The university won’t overlook rampant use of cellphones on its campus. The circular directs all employees to deposit the electronic device at the reception counter while entering the premises. The employees must prominently sport their identity badge while on duty .

The vice-chancellor said: “We get thousands of students from rural areas who may not appreciate a professor or other employees walking into the campus in a pair of tight jeans or T-shirt. It’s our earnest attempt to inject a sense of decency on our campus. There’s a dress code no doubt, but employees enjoy the freedom to choose colours of their clothing.”
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3 thoughts on “Blazers, tie, saris must for Visvesvaraya Technology University teaching staff”

  1. Mr. VC take the bull by the horns. Wearing a tie and saree does not make a better teacher. Look at issues like evaluation. You have a mass of students apply for re-evaluation. It is more critical from a student’s perspective. Your way of conducting practical exams is a joke where a fixed number of problems are pre-defined to be evaluated. The real world does not work that way.

    Forget dress code, painting buildings etc.


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