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Cure to Cancer of Corruption

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by Rupa Ghadi
While the entire world was discussing the big day in America, wanting to know if America will be “Trumped” (USA has already been Trumped) or the outcome will be “Hillaryous” all channels in India suddenly came up with “Pradhan Mantri ka Desh Ko Sandesh”. I do not remember of any such info being delivered by former PM’s ever from the time I have known to understand.

Suddenly every individual who heard this news either hooked up to the liquid cash to identify the number of 500’s and 1000’s that needed to be exchanged or bartered the immediate next day or to social media spreading the image of live telecast popularizing this news.

500-and-1000-rupees-note-ban-indiaThere was sudden rush at all ATM centers and this was a common scene last night at all the ATMs. Immediately after the PM’s message the media fraternity had a big bouncing breaking news and they rushed to every nukkad and corner to get the people speak how Modi Govt had rushed to take this decision without thinking about the common man. Soon there were statements from Congressmen, Mamtha Banerjee, AAP and many common men but none stated this was a wrong move by the Govt. although they did not fail to attack the present Government on the rush to take this decision.

Admist the panic and emergency kind of situation as a common man one should understand that this was a news even to the Bank officials as most of the Bankers turned on the TV after receiving this message either on whatsup or FB. Importantly this sandesh was post banking hours and this marks the importance and boldness of this decision. While there are some who are upset about this untimely decision, most patriots are welcoming this.

While the govt has shun the black money hoarders, we as diligent citizens of a town like Belagavi admist so many small villages need to make sure that the ignorant sect of our community is not suffering. Considering the fact of mass illiteracy banking is still a challenge and many small vendors/domestic helps/ground staff is not a bank account owner; we need to educate this sect to utilize and exchange these notes, possibly also help them open an account to regularize their income. While most of us will be physically present in banks for the next 50 days lets pledge to help these guys in every possible way to cooperate and coordinate with banking staff for the successful execution of this brave, bold and a bouncer move on all the black money hoarders.

There is nothing to panic about this unless you have crores hidden in form of 500 and 1000 currency notes.



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  1. I totally support this initiative taken by our respected PM. We all should stay calm as there is nothing to panic about. A bright future is awaiting as PM said “I agree that there is pain because of my decision, but the country will gain more,” I truly agree on this and I want all the Indians to support this change!!!!!!


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