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Boozers destroying nature Who cares

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By Vijay Bhagwat
Vaccine depot is a heritage asset for Belgaum, people still are not understating the importance of this GREEN ZONE in the centre of the city.

As this area is quite wide spread many instances of people making the use of it for unwarranted reasons is on the rise. Especially boozers go there eat, drink and then throw the plastic glasses, bottles, cigarette boxes  there only. This scene is inside as well on the side of the Vaccine depot grounds. No one cares to tell them this is bad for the society. The police who guard the minister’s house at about 50 mtrs from this place should also take care of this and reduce such instances.vdepot

These instances are not limited to just one depot there are other places as well where there are open bars like situation each day evening like Nanawadi as well.

2 thoughts on “Boozers destroying nature Who cares”

  1. Mr. Bhagwat, Thankis for hi-lighting this issue. We need a few large garbage bins in the area, so the boozers can booze, but atleast disopse off their trash properly (if they are in the right condition afterwards) and also commitment from the city that trash will be picked up. Given the proximity to the ministers residence, the trash will be picked up.


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