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 The Mid-Day has made a special story with inputs from various bloggers. I was surprised to see my sites link to be the first one. A small extract is also put on.


From The Mid-Day —


The Belgaum border dispute between Maharastra and Karnataka has blogs reacting to the issue.  

The prevailing feeling among the bloggers is that both the people and the authorities in both the states should exercise restraint and strive for peace.  




This blogger( ) is urging all the people concerned to keep calm. The blogger feels that an issue of 52 years can’t be settled in a day.

 In a post titled “Belgaum is peaceful, but not Belgaum issue”, the blogger says:

“I would request all to maintain peace and harmony in the city and don’t believe on rumors as they spread like fire they can cause a lot of trouble.”

“In all it’s a tough time for all of us. As the busses are not going into Maharsahtra and their busses not coming in Karnataka, many would now take cars for travelling, but that too could be dangerous for a day or two till all settles down,” says the blogger, making a request to anyone with plans to go to Maharashtra or someone coming into Karnataka, be careful.

Read the full story with others bloggers here.

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