Brahmana Mahasammelan beings in Belagavi

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The 9th Brahmana Mahasammelan 2016 organised by Akhila Karnataka Brahmana Mahasabha, Bengaluru began at the Gayathri Sabha Mantap, Krishi Colony, Bhagyanagar, Belagavi from December 11.
The conclave is being organised in association with Akhila Karnataka Brahmana Mahasabha, Bengaluru, Belagavi Jilla Akhila Brahmana Samaj.

Brahmana Mahasammelan beings in BelagaviThis is the first Mahasammelan being held outside Bengaluru. More than 30,000 people participated on day one of the event.

The conclave in Belagavi is to address the issues on awareness, integration, self-reliance, culture and problems in modern-age in Brahmana community.

Based on the concepts of Integration, self-reliance and culture, this conclave is organized. Eminent Prior, Renowned Scholars, Leaders with Social Consciousness, Veteran Politicians and People from various disciplines are participating in this Conclave.

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  1. :Nice to see such big events happening in Belgavi city..!! May our city become a stage for many more events ..Thanks to Akhila Karnataka Brahmana Mahasabha, Bengaluru and Belagavi Jilla Akhila Brahmana Samaj.
    Lets make our city a great place in Karnataka.


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