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Brain Dead person gives a new lease of life to two persons.

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 42 Years Ex-servicemen with complaints of loss of blood supply to the middle and frontal portion of the brain admitted to the Neurosurgery unit of the Hospital on 10thAug 2019. Appropriate surgical interventions to bring him out of this complicated situation did not yield results.  On investigation by a panel of specialists, he was found to be brain-stem dead. Relatives counselled by Transplant Coordinators of the hospital and Mr Vijay More, Ex-Mayor. The wife of the deceased and family members consented to donate Heart & Kidney to those who are in need. Jeevasarthakathe, Cadaver Organ Transplant Authority Government of Karnataka approved and allotted organ. The demand for heart came from Chennai based hospital; however, the heart could not be retrieved due to logistic reasons.


            Jeevasarthakathe allotted Kidney to a patient admitted at KLES Hospital and other Kidney was allocated to Tatwadarsha Hospital, Hubballi. Team of Transplant Surgeon lead by Dr S. I Neeli, Dr.Vikram Prabha, Nephrologist Dr M S Khanpet and Anesthetist Dr Suresh, Dr.Vinayak, Dr Dhorigol and Dr Rajesh Mane successfully retrieved both the Kidneys of the donor. One of the Kidney is successfully transplanted to a 33-year patient who was on dialysis. The patient who received the Kidney hemodynamically stable.   Another Kidney was transported to Tatwadarsha Hospital,  Hubballi through the green corridor (no traffic zone) for transplantation.


            Dr Prabhakar Kore, MP and Chairman of the KLE Society lauded the efforts of the family who came forward and donated organs and saved two lives. He also said the family of the deceased had set an example in the society by giving the organs. Dr M V Jali, Medical Director of the Hospital congratulated the team of surgeons for their expertise in transplant and saving two precious lives (one at Belagavi and other at Hubballi).  


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