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Will Belagavi get more trains chugging

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by Satish Kumar

The union ministry portfolio of MOS Railways accorded to our Hon MP of Belagavi Suresh Angadiji in Central government or call it Modi. 2.0 raised high aspirations for people of Belagavi to get better rail facilities and no doubt that though being witnessing many historical events and leading on many fronts, Belagavi never got its due share of railway development.

The recent success of daily train to Bengaluru from Belagavi with convenient time was the first gift, and the train to Goa is on anvil soon.

As I am talking about the raised aspiration of Belagavi there is one demand which is still pending for the last two decades and that is Belagavi Kittur Dharwad Rail line, AAB has brought this demand more highlighted through AAB site very often, we shared the RET (Reconnaissance Engineering cum Traffic) survey with me published on 16th of this month, so what next now is the question

Will this RET survey and FLS (Final location Survey) be completed and sent for budgeting so this line gets pink book entry, and the construction commences, is the million-dollar question.

fls kittur railkittur-rail-linekittAdding more to the report we Belgavites aspire this line to budgeted for doubled + electrified and become a trunk line towards Bengaluru and the track should bifurcate from south Belagavi (Vadgoan area) towards Yellur Hirebagawadi Kittur and further to Dharwad, already the straightening work between Tumkur-Davangere is in progress, and will further reduce the time to reach Bengaluru comparatively.

The land acquisition is the greatest challenge though but considering the long term benefits such as less time and cost of travel, reduced carbon footprints, and good revenue, Even K RIDE (Karnataka Rail infrastructure development company) must come forward and execute this project will be sooner the better

I hope to believe and trust this happen soon with the state and central government with the same party in rule thrive to achieve the mission and vision “Sabka saath Sabka Vikas”

12 thoughts on “Will Belagavi get more trains chugging”

  1. AAB is doing a good job for the development of Belagavi.Our Hon’ble Minister is also well responding to provide rail lines n facilities for Belagavians.Let AAB also speak much on smart city progress which is tortoise walk. Now fortunately both the Governments are same. Quoting no reason the progress be leaps and bounds.

  2. Great. Now it is time for Belagavi – Hyderabad line through Bagalkote and Raichur. The line can be extended till Hubballi via newly proposed route. The journey time will be curbed down a lot. Presently, a single train leaves Hyderabad at midnight and reaches Belagavi next day 5.30 pm in the evening. Time to get this done as well.

  3. Honourable Member of parliament Sri. Suresh Angadi should also ensure that the central schemes meant for welfare of farmers and workers of unorganised sector should reach them. And he should monitor them. One such scheme is Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi maan-dhan Yojana. This scheme is not implemented in Belgaum. Shall I hope any action from the Honourable MP.

  4. Well said we certainly need it , there is no horizontal line connected North interior Karnataka, and both Belagavi and Kalburgi are regional HQ

  5. Talking about connectivity can you please share the urgency of trains for Mumbai from Belgaum with honourable railway minister ?
    Whether is it true that Huballi – Ltt daily train is being cancelled ?
    Please share your information.

  6. Flight and trains routes for only Bangalore r taken up there r no other cities on the Earth I suppose. We desperately need Bgm=Hyd talkal train via bagalkot gulbarga it’s the need of the hour. Please don’t route it via hubli that’s the lenghty route. There r N number of facilities to Bangalore now. Now please pay attention to other cities too we to need at least this facility.

  7. From Belgaavi to Mumbai up to Chatrpati Shivaji Terminus(VT) is necessary as number of private buses or plying and are do loot people/passenger by raising charges seasonable which is not affordable. Train in this route regular
    Need of time

  8. Simultaneously the surveywork should also start immediately for the route from Belgaum to karad which is also necessary via sankeshwar Nippani kolhapur which will reduce the train timing from Belgaum to Mumbai

  9. Dear Editor,
    Kindly inform regarding the status of Railway Electrification Work between Miraj – Londa.Also the status of Track Doubling.


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