British era Railway overbridge atlast closed for traffic

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The British era railway over bridge at LC 126 which starts at gogte circle and ends near Maratha mandir has been barricaded on both sides on midnight of 24th September and now it is closed if all kinds of traffic.

Sources say this is a trail run for 2-3 days to ascertain the traffic on congress road.

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5 thoughts on “British era Railway overbridge atlast closed for traffic”

  1. Good that they are doing a trial . I don’t know the executions planning,but I feel the new two lines can be done at first and let it open for public and then dismantle the old bridge . I remember I had suggested for the trial on this issue in your old post

  2. Seeing the quality of ‘SMART’ roads in the city, it is best to use the old bridge as one way and build a new one parallel to this for the return traffic…….I am sure the old one will outlast the new one if you see the quality of the constructions so far….


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