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British Era RoB opened for regular traffic again

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The 113 year old Railway over bridge at Gogte circle which was closed for traffic 3 days ago has now been opened again for regular traffic.

The barricades on the RoB were removed at mid night and regular traffic.

Still it is unclear as to when the work on the RoB would commence. DC Ziaullah had said that decision on the same would be taken after the report from the Police regarding the traffic.



However it is very surprising why the barricading was done at midnight with out any information and again the same was removed as well at midnight.

6 thoughts on “British Era RoB opened for regular traffic again”

  1. The public was getting adopted to the situation.. This reopening was not necessary as people will loose faith in the authorities if they go on showing their as usual unpreparedness…

  2. Except for the 1st & 2nd day, the traffic was smooth at 1, 2 & Rly gates with traffic police had handled the traffic completely hassle free. Kudos to traffic police & public at large who co operated without grudge. Forget about the few who cannot be satisfied even by HIM.

  3. Good move…. by DC. Traffic Jam make situation difficult to worst in coming days as festival or near. Better to find alternate solution (road) then can RoB closed…..Thx

  4. Thanks……… it’s a grate job for the traffic ? to place the brackets in SO CALLED SMART CITY… I THINKS 60% WORKING INVOLVED THE CLOSING THE ROADS AND … may reach to 100% in coming days…… general public opinion.. keep it up. Thanks.


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