BUDA floats tender again for GIS-based Master Plan Formulation for Belagavi for 191.86 Sqkm

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The Belagavi Urban Development Authority, Belagavi has floated tenders for the second time to FORMULATION OF GIS-BASED MASTER PLAN FOR BELAGAVI LOCAL PLANNING AREA of 191.86 Sqkm.

The Master Plan (MP) is intended to be a guide for carrying out detailed planning and development of the area by sectoral agencies mandated to plan, develop, maintain and govern over the plan period.

As per section 13D of the KTCP act of 1961, the MP has to be revised once every 10 years from the date on which the MP has come into force. In doing so, the provisions of sections 9 to 12 shall mutatis-mutandis apply in respect of such revision of MP.

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The Master Plan shall include proposals for the following:

a. Zoning of land use for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, recreational, educational and other purposes together with Zoning Regulations.

b. A complete street pattern, indicating major and minor roads, national highways, and state highways, and traffic circulation pattern, for meeting immediate and future requirements with proposals for improvements

c. Areas reserved for parks, playgrounds and other recreational uses, public open spaces, public buildings and institutions and areas reserved for such other purposes as may be expedient for new civic developments

d. Areas earmarked for future development and expansion

e. Reservation of land for the purposes Central Government, the State Government, Planning Authority or public utility undertaking or any other authority established by Law

f. Declaring certain areas, as areas of special control and development in such areas being subject to such regulations as may be made in regard to building line, height of the building, floor area ratio, architectural features and such other particulars as may be prescribed

Master Plan shall indicate “Heritage Buildings” and “Heritage Precincts” and shall include the regulations made therein for conservation of the same.

The Local Planning Area (LPA) of Belagavi Local Planning Area, consisting of 25 villages was notified by the Government in November 1965, and the local planning area boundary was extended by including Shaganmatti and Bastwad villages on 05.07.2012 The LPA includes 27 Revenue villages and extends over an area of 191.86 sq km.

As per 2011 Census, the population of Belagavi city corporation was 4,90,045 with 2,46,537 males and 2,43,508 females.

The LPA also has Maratha light infantry defence area the key source of attraction.

As per the recent studies/report, the GDP of the area is 4.4 % and is likely to reach 5.3% as the result of the Trade and Commerce activities. This MP envisions to achieve a sustainable and comprehensive development of the region.

2 thoughts on “BUDA floats tender again for GIS-based Master Plan Formulation for Belagavi for 191.86 Sqkm”

  1. Good. But in city busy business areas. Where complex having 12 shops but not left any space for parking and after city master plan the owners have sold the parking space. And shop has been built.

  2. City development is definitely need of public but government authority should take confidence of people of the city and plan should disclose before the people and also what ever plan authority makes there should be time limitations otherwise we have seen lots complaints against authority no one responds it should not be one man interest it should be for belgaviens operating must be clean and impartial then project go right direction


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